Shrine Bowl Run interview: Will Kennedy of Riverside

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Name: Will Kennedy
Personal bests: 5K - 16:47 

What does it mean to be named to the Shrine Bowl Run team and helping the hospital? 

It means a lot to me to be one of the few people who are invited to do it, it's a great feeling to help the hospital.

What did you hear about the Shrine Bowl Run before this year? 
All i really knew about it was that certain seniors were selected to do a hand off for the hospital.

What do you hope to experience during the event?
I can't wait to experience what truly is my last run ever for my senior cross country season.

How are you preparing to run with a football?
I was thinking about going with a Deshaun Watson approach. 

How would you rate your senior season?
9/10, it would be a 10/10 but I had a slow start being injured at the beginning of the season.

What future goals do you have? 
My goal is to have a really good track season.

Have you made the decision to compete at the next level? Please explain. 
Yes, I have already signed with Limestone to continue my running career. 

How did you get involved with the sport and when? 
I originally started to get in shape for lacrosse, but I fell in love with the sport and gave up lacrosse.

How have you seen the sport change in the state? Please explain.
I have noticed that their is a lot tougher competition from when I started. 

What was your motivation for your final XC season?
I wanted my team and myself to win a state title one last time.

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why? 
I wish I could go back and get myself to start cross country a lot earlier than when I did.