Catching Up with Powdersville's Noah Brock

Name: Noah Brock
School: Powdersville High School
Hobbies: I'd consider running a hobby, and I enjoy sketching, art
Academic interest: I enjoy math and history
Interesting fact: My nickname on the cross country team is Reese. No one else calls me that but other runners and them.

did you get involved in the sport and why?
I joined the team in ninth grade as a way to condition for wrestling, which was my main sport at the time.

you perform as you expected so far this season?
So far yes, but I'm always looking to push harder and faster and to never be satisfied.

do you look at rankings?
They're irrelevant. The true competition is yourself.

confidence does this give you for rest of the season?
I've done the work and will continue to. If I give it my all there's no reason I should be disappointed in my results.

you have any family members involved in the sport? Please explain.
I have a cousin in Illinois who runs and is almost 60, so he's definitely an inspiration to me.

roles do you have on the team this year?
My job is to demonstrate how to be a good role model for the rest of my team and to show them that they have the potential to be great.

you have any post cross country meets plans?
I plan to run as many races in the offseason as I can, as well as train for track.

you have any specific race strategies that work best for you?
Don't burn out at the first mile.

do you enjoy about the team and being on the course with them daily?
Being able to relate to them and build a better team than we already are.

plans do you have for the future?
Run multiple types of races. Marathons and such.

you looking to run at a college?

you remember your first race?
Yes, my first race was at Wren and I placed better on the team than I had expected, so from there I fell in love with the satisfaction of work paying off.

do you feel you get out of the sport?
Discipline. It's a very mentally challenging sport and every mile builds character.

did summer training go?
Very well. I set high standards for myself and trained both with the team and on my own.

you have a specific reason to achieve a goal or goals this season?
Respect. The fun of it. To be remembered at Powdersville in the years to come.

hat do you enjoy the most about being part of the Powdersville team?
Representing a newer school and being successful.

helps you stay focused during practices and races?
The fact that there is always someone training to be faster.

responsibility do you feel you have to your teammates? Please explain.
I feel I'm responsible to be the best I can be and show them where I started out and how far determination can take them.

you have a pre-race tradition? Please
We have a chant where we circle up and shout P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S three times, then break it down as a team. It gets the rest of our team motivated to race.

do you balance academics, athletics, and other responsibilities?
I mostly only have time for both of those. I go to school, go practice, go home to do homework, repeat.

challenges or injuries have you encountered in the sport? How did you stay motivated during this time?
I've had mild injuries that have caused me to slow my training down temporarily, but with extra precaution, I was always able to get back into it quickly.

Favorite runner(s): Mo Farah, Eliud Kipchoge
Favorite food: Chicken parmesan
Favorite quote: "When you feel like quitting, think about why you started."
Favorite training shoe and racing shoe: Nike Free Run, Nike Victory XC
Hobbies: Running, drawing
Inspirational person in your life: Brendan McManamon. He convinced me to start running seriously.