Summer Training Log (Week Two-June 21-27): Stephanie Buffo

Monday, June 21: 6 miles (Recovery). Today, practice was rained out for thunder and lightning, so I ran at home.
Total miles: 6

Tuesday, June 22: 2 miles (Recovery) with 3 miles of faster strides. (Recovery/strides). Today was a little harder day including fast strides/sprints in the run.
Total miles: 5

Wednesday, June 23: 2 miles (Recovery), 4 mile (Tempo), 1.5 (Recovery), (Recovery/Tempo). Today I wanted to make sure my middle miles were faster.
Total miles: 7.5

Thursday, June 24: 2 mile (Recovery), 3.5 (Pick-up), (Recovery/Pick-up). Today started to be easy and then we picked it up.
Total miles: 5.5

Friday, June 25: 6 miles (Pushing the Pace). Today was one of the more challenging days.
Total miles: 6

Saturday, June 26: 7 miles (Recovery). Today was easier by myself.
Total miles: 7

Sunday, June 27: 5 miles (Recovery). Today was also easier.
Total miles: 5

Total Miles for the Week of June 21-June 27: 42
Total Miles for the week of June 14-June 20: 38

Summer Miles: 80

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