A Day In The Life Of GTC Administrator Susi Smith

Daily Schedule

Weekdays - up @ 6:00 or so, be at the YMCA by 6:30, lift weights, run 6-8 miles
Position - Executive Director, Communities in Schools, 12 years
Arrive at work by 8:30 to 8:45
Check e-mail, voicemail
Return phone calls
Meet with staff
work on agency financials
research, write grants
oversee the operations of the entire agency
visit school sites
meet with other agencies
coordinate board & other volunteers
done with work between 4:30 and 5:00
Head home to prepare dinner.
Work on GTC job usually for about an hour or two depending on what is going on with the club.
Do other household chores.
Prepare for next day including organizing clothes & other things for a.m.
Usually in bed to read at 10:00 and lights out by about 10:30.

I almost always have a predetermined schedule for my runs even if I\'m traveling. I know in advance what things I have to get done at work, etc. and plan my run according. Some days I have time to run at lunch or in the evenings but mornings work best plus it\'s not so hot!

Running partners are more available in the a.m. too. I run about half of my runs with someone and about half alone. My regular running partners are Ruth Marie Milliman and Ashley Reynolds. Sometimes I run with my son, Graham (Foster) (Attending ETSU).

I\'ve been running almost 25 years. I did not run in high school or college. I began running to lose a little weight and to relieve stress. I\'ve rarely had trouble staying motivated to run. I love being outside every day regardless of the conditions and running really helps me stay healthy mentally and physically. I sometimes do have trouble being motivated to do speedwork especially if I\'m doing it alone. That usually doesn\'t last though because I like working hard to & seeing if I can stay competitive with my previous times and with others.

I usually plan to take a day off every week and I enjoy the time. Often I\'ll plan it for the weekend so I can sleep late and be lazy.

I don\'t have a coach right now and have only ever used one briefly. Although it was valuable to me in many ways I don\'t enjoy \'reporting\' my workouts. Of the 25 years I\'ve been running and competing I\'ve used a coach two times for a total of about six months.

Right now I\'m working on my running base since it\'s summer & I don\'t tend to race very much now. I\'ll spend a couple of weeks at around 60 miles a week and then drop back down to my normal 50 and resume speedwork, etc.

On easy days I run somewhere between 7:30 and 8:00 pace. I usually do some type of speedwork on the track one time a week with intervals at about 6:00 pace. I also do a tempo run every week at 6:20 - 6:40 pace depending on the distance I\'m going or whatever. I do a weekly long run anywhere from 14 - 18 miles depending on what I\'m training for.

I\'ve run one marathon, Chicago, in 1999. I trained pretty hard, followed a program by Jack Daniels and finished about where I hoped with a 3:09. I really enjoyed it but haven\'t felt compelled to do it again yet.

I like to run shorter distances so I can race as often as I like. I run anything from 5k\'s to the half. My p.r. in some of the distances are 18:12 5K, 30:04 8K, 38:12 10K, 63:20 10 mile and 1:25:12 half. A lot of these were set in my mid-30\'s although I\'ve come close to some of these, like the half, over the past few years. I tend to do better in longer stuff.

I\'m not sure what I\'m doing next probably a fall or winter half (marathon). I really get motivated when everyone around me starts racing and cross-country season starts for all the high schools & colleges.

Note: The cross country season opens on Sept. 4 with the Eye Opener in Spartanburg. To have your meet added to the SC Calender for 2004 and the future contact John Olson at the above e-mail address.