Longtime official and coach receives sanction

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    Sad!!! Fact is the correct call was made, but the argument was that Coach Kilbreath's back was turned and he could not see who threw it. Now, let's think a minute . My back is turned and I cannot see the runner that just finished. I do see a baton coming flying by. I turn around and only see one person there and that person should have a baton in his hand. It is fairly obvious who the guilty party is.
    I have been coaching for 40 years. I have also officicated, and I have made mistakes in both. I have also been on the receiving end of improper decisions by officials. I coached in one playoff football game and lost in which the opponent scored 2 touchdowns with no time on the clock. Yes, that is correct. In both instances, the officials made the wrong call. The decision was not overturned and to my knowledge, no official was sanctioned in any manner.
    Sad to say, but when officials are part of an official's association and wear a special uniform, they are treated differently than those in the sport of Track & Field. This situation would not have occurred in any other sport. And if some of what I hear about the situation is indeed true, then there needs to be thorough examination about the purpose of high school athletics.
    Coach Kilbreath is ultimately the real winner here. He has been subjected to more than anyone should be in this type of situation, but he has handled with the same dignity, integrity and honor that he showed throughout his career. In this he continues to the coach and educator he has always been by handling a negative situation with honor and class and setting the example that all should seek to emulate. We all have lost a little by the Coaches Kilbreath not involved in our sport anymore. Both Coaches Kilbreath will always have my utmost respect and gratitude for all they have given to the sports of Track and Cross Country.
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    @1throwsman your last paragraph says it all regarding how the Kilbreths have handled this situation. Not surprising though because Jim and Eileen are two of the most outstanding individuals I know!
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    South Carolina Track and Field is a unique sport in that we rely heavily of coaches and volunteers instead of paid officials to officiate our sport. While they may not be perfect, I have never doubted the integrity of those that give up their time and ability to coach their own athletes so that these meets run as smooth as possible. IMHO they do the best they can given the situation. To put it mildly, it is disappointing to see this decision from the SCHSL as this sets a bad example and precedent. You have to wonder if this will scare off veteran and experienced coaches from officiating these meets in the future, or at the very least hesitating to make a call that they believe to be correct for fear of retaliation. I've worked events at the state meet in the past but I doubt I will do so in the future. If this is how we treat a well respected member of our community, I can't imagine how they would treat me. The SCHSl and Summerville owe us all an explanation and they owe Coach Kilbreth an apology. Maybe the silver lining here is that the SCHSL will decide to pony up some more money for officials so coaches and volunteers aren't put in this situation to begin with.
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    Can someone specify for me, please, what exactly occured? I assume this was atthe 5A State Qualifier?
  • Mark Bedenbaugh
    This is such a poor decision by the HSL. Coach Kilbreth is the epitome of class and integrity. Not so much for the mob that pushed for this. Might be time for the Coaches Association to let the SCHSL run off the event.