Great American: Miller leads Patriots, Lexington's Langston runs 15:18 Sep 29, 2012

Mann's Laura Miller led the Patriots to the Great American invitational second place team finish with an individual win (18:11), 30-seconds ahead of second place. Lexington's Zack Langston finished eighth overall in the race of champions (15:18). The Wildcats finished 11th out of 31 teams.

Marathon journal - week 5: Riverside alumna Hayley Lyons Sep 25, 2012

I start my first big girl job this week, which means, as far as running and training go, I’ll be getting up before the sun to get my workouts in.  Luckily, I started training my body for this almost a year ago, when I started forcing myself to wake up before 6 or 7 a.m.