Meet Information

Boys 49th and Girls 41st
Eastside High School
April 19 20, 2017
ALL Schools from Greenville County including private schools are invited to compete in the longest continual track and field meet in South Carolina.
Entry Limit: Every school is allowed at least three athletes per event regardless of performance or grade. Each school may enter a 4th athlete per event provided that all 4 have met the qualifying standards below. The qualifying standards are based on the 16th place performance from last years meet. In some instances, there were not 16 athletes and the performance is the last place performance. (Note: Although we want to expand the meet, we do not want everyone to just enter 4 athletes just to enter 4. Please make sure that each of your athletes have met the standard if you enter 4 so we can increase the quality of the competition, not just add people!). Only one relay team may be entered. Athletes entered in the Varsity Meet cannot be entered in the JV Meets. (See JV Meet information sheet). If you enter 4 athletes in an event, the performance has to be substantiated through results on
Event Boys Standard Girls Standard
100 Meters 12.12 13.92
200 Meters 24.86 28.48
400 Meters 56.11 66.91
800 Meters 2:14.07 2:37.53
1600 Meters 4:48.51 5:54.95
3200 Meters 10:42.27 13:27.01
100/110 Hurdles 20.30 20.31
400 Hurdles 67.86 82.47
Long Jump 1809 1400.75
Triple Jump 3701.5 3005.5
High Jump 504 404
Pole Vault 900 706
Shot Put 3705.5 2511.5
Discus Throw 10100 7208
If you enter a 4th athlete then ALL 4 athletes must have a meet result above standard and listed for this year on

On-line Entry: All entries must be submitted on-line at by the entry deadline of 11:59 pm on MONDAY APRIL 17. Please make sure that you have gone on this site and understand how to use it well before the entry deadline. You may enter 4 athletes and 1 relay team per Varsity Meet. You will have to enter RELAY NAMES for your Varsity Meet. Make CERTAIN that any athlete does not exceed the FOUR EVENT RULE! The online entry will be locked at 11:59 pm on Monday April 17th.
Entry Fee: An entry fee of $5.00 per athlete up to $70.00 per team will be charged up to a maximum of $140 per school. Make checks payable to Eastside High and bring it to the Coaches Meeting on Tuesday or mail it to Eastside in care of Ed Boehmke. This entry must be paid before your team is allowed to participate. Remember this fee is an ENTRY FEE - if you enter you MUST pay. Please mail your check in care of Ed Boehmke Eastside High School 1300 Brushy Creek Road Taylors, SC 29687.
Entry Deadline: 11:59 pm on MONDAY APRIL 17. Please note that this is the day after Easter and a Greenville County Snowday.
Other Information: I will be sending each head coach an email about some very important information that I will need back. I am planning some extra stuff for the meet and need the information from you to make it a success. Please answer that email quickly and correctly because time will be important.
Coaches Dinner: We will have a coaches dinner on Tuesday April 18 at a place (a restaurant) and time that I will send out later. This dinner is for us to get together and socialize. I will be able to answer all of your questions about your entries and have computers available for you to make changes for the Varsity Meet (last chance). Hopefully, the information in these pages is what all you need for this meet, so the meeting will be just for us to get together and allow me to thank you (with a meal) for helping out and celebrate the longevity of this meet.
Meet Packet: You will pick up your packet of numbers, wristbands, etc. at the Coaches Meeting on Tuesday. Remember that no athletes can enter the stadium without a wristband. In the packet you will find:
1) A team roster showing each athletes assigned number. Have each athlete pin these numbers to the front of their uniform. Four pins per athlete will be included in your packet. Please tell your athletes not to lose their number they need it both days! Make sure that each athlete gets and wears the correct number.
2) Wrist Bracelets one for each athlete. It must be snuggly secured to the wrist of the athlete before they try to enter the stadium. Please tell your athletes not to take off their wrist bracelet until after the second day of the meet they need it both days! If they do not have it, they will have to pay to enter a uniform will not get them in. Coaches wrist bracelets will be a different color and one will be assigned to each coach on the coaches roster asked for in an email before the meet.
3) Your entries by event. Check this closely. You will have one chance to correct these (see below). No athlete that is entered in the JV Meet may be on this roster, and no athlete in this meet may compete in the JV Meet. (The JV Meet must also be 10th grade and under See JV Information Sheet).
4) Coaches Meal Tickets two per coach up to four coaches per school, provided I receive their names before the meet on a separate email that I will send out. If you receive an extra supplement from the district, you must notify me before the packets are put together. Please do not lose these.
5) Field Event Assignments Please check this and help us make the meet go as smoothly as possible by working your assigned event.
6) 400 Relay Zone Assignments Please get a flag from the starting line and distribute yourselves at the 3 zones for this relay.
7) Other information since we are not having a coaches meeting just before the meet, I will place any additional information in the packet. It will also be emailed and if it warrants an explanation, we will have a short meeting during the JV Meet.
At The Championships -
1) Bus Parking The east parking lot, nearest the track, will have an attendant from 3:45 until 5:00. This lot will be reserved for buses until 5:00. Please park around the curbing from the exit back toward the school first before parking in the spaces. This will make it easier for everyone to park and leave the lot. If your bus arrives later than 5:00 you will have to find a place the best you can.
2) Stadium Entry Your wrist bracelet will allow access into the stadium at any gate. This must be attached securely before attempting to enter and must be worn both days of the meet. Those without a bracelet or acceptable pass must pay the $5.00 entry fee. 3) Team Camps - you may set up your team area at the top of the hill on the north and west side of the stadium, provided you do not block the walkways. You may also set up tents in the visitor side stands. Tents are not allowed in the home stands or on the hill on either side of the home stands.
4) Other Off limit areas- No coaches or athletes are allowed on the infield except those that are competing, officiating or waiting for a heat/section. The other athletic facilities including all buildings are off-limits. The back fields may be used for warm-ups.
5) Clerking procedure All athletes in running events must report to the clerk no later than 15 minutes before the start of their race. The athlete should have on the correct uniform and his/her assigned number. All four members of the relay team must be present to check in the team. Those that do not report may be scratched from the event.
6) Protests A protest sheet must be filled out and presented to the referee, stating the specific rule violation, if you would like to file a protest. The referee will make a decision based upon what you write and may talk with you before any decision is made. If you disagree with the referees decision, you may extend your protest to the Jury of Appeals, a group of 5 of your peers, who will make the final decision. Remember that not everything is appealable, such as false starts.
Field Event Minimums In the horizontal jumps and throws, each athlete will be given 3 attempts. The first attempt for everyone will be marked. Subsequent attempts will not be marked unless it equals or exceeds the minimum requirements listed below. The top 8 performers in the preliminaries will be given 3 more attempts. All 6 performances will count towards the results. The starting heights for the vertical jumps are also listed.
Event BOYS FIELD EVENT Minimums for Marks GIRLS FIELD EVENT Minimums for Marks
High Jump 54 44
Pole Vault 80 70
Long Jump 180 140
Triple Jump 360 260
Shot Put 300 240
Discus 800 600
After the meeting is over, no changes may be made in your entries for any reason. If you do not have a representative at the meeting, then entries that were entered online will be your official entries.
Awards: Awards will be given to the top eight places of each event and to members of each relay team. A Most Valuable Field and a Most Valuable Track athlete will be selected and awarded a plaque. Team awards for the top 4 teams will be given. Event awards will be given to athletes in a ceremony on the awards stand shortly after the conclusion of each event. Scoring for the Varsity Meet is 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.
MVP selection An MVP will be selected for the boys and girls from the six field events and the eleven running events. Coaches may make suggestions for these awards by writing the athletes name and performances on a sheet of paper and giving to Eric Cummings before the last event. A selection committee will look at these and the overall results and make a decision for these awards. Your accuracy on who runs in relays may be important to the decisions.
Track Admission: All participating athletes and coaches will be given wrist bracelets for admission into the stadium. Bracelets will be good for admission through any open gate. Any person without a bracelet will be charged a $5.00 admission charge for the meet. These bracelets are to be used for every day of the meet and therefore should not be removed. The bracelets will be in you packet . Please arrange with your athletes where to pick them up from you before they try to get into the stadium. If an athlete is caught giving a wrist bracelet to anyone for the purpose of a free pass to get someone through the gate that athlete will be taken out of the meet.
Numbers: All athletes must have their number during competition. Running events contestants must wear these on the front of their uniform; field athletes may wear their number on the front or back.
Time Schedule: The time schedule on the following page will be followed as closely as possible. In the event of bad weather, we will go to a rolling schedule. Make sure that your athletes are aware of this possibility. An announcement will be made if the decision to go to a rolling schedule is made.
Exhibition Event 1500 meter racewalk exhibition event only. Enter this event in the Greenville County JV Meet which will be held on Wednesday April 18th at 4:45. This event has no restrictions and will not count against an athletes 4 events. Awards will be given in 3 divisions ( 7-8, 9-10 and 11-12 grades) in both genders. This event will not be included in the team scoring.

Wednesday April 19, 2017
Track Events Field Events
4:45 1500 Meter Race Walk - B&G - Var & JV
5:00 Girls 3200 Meter Relay Finals - 1 Section 5:00 Triple Jump - Boys
Boys 3200 Meter Relay Finals - 1 Section Long Jump - Girls
5:30 Boys 110 Meter Hurdle Trials Shot Put - Girls
Girls 100 Meter Hurdle Trials Discus - Boys
6:10 Girls 3200 Meters - Finals - 2 Sections High Jump - Boys
Boys 3200 Meters - Finals - 2 Sections Pole Vault - Girls
7:10 Girls 100 Meter Dash Trials
Boys 100 Meter Dash Trials
7:50 Girls 1600 Meter section 3
Boys 1600 Meter Section 3
8:05 Girls 200 Meter Dash Trials
Boys 200 Meter Dash - Trials
8:45 End

Thursday April 20, 2017
Track Events Field Events
5:00 Girls 400 Meter Relay Finals Sections 5:00 Triple Jump - Girls
Boys 400 Meter Relay - Finals - Sections Long Jump - Boys
5:20 Girls 1600 Meters - Section 2 Shot Put - Boys
Boys 1600 Meters - Section 2 Discus - Girls
5:35 Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Finals High Jump - Girls
Boys 110 Meter Hurdles - Finals Pole Vault - Boys
5:40 Girls 100 Meter Dash Finals
Boys 100 Meter Dash Finals
5:45 Girls 1600 Meters - Finals - Section 1
Boys 1600 Meters - Finals - Section 1
6:00 Girls 400 Meter Dash Finals - Sections
Boys 400 Meter Dash - Finals - Sections
6:40 Girls 400 Meter Hurdles Finals - Sections
Boys 400 Meter Hurdles - Finals - Sections
7:20 Girls 800 Meter Run Finals - Sections
Boys 800 Meter Run - Finals - Sections
7:50 Girls 200 Meter Dash Finals
Boys 200 Meter Dash - Finals
7:55 Girls 1600 Meter Relay Finals - Sections
Boys 1600 Meter Relay - Finals - Sections
8:35 Team Awards and MVP's