Meet Information

Course preview map and video

Time schedule

9:00 a.m.Class AAAAA Girls

9:30 a.m.Class AAAA Girls

10:00 a.m.Class AAAAA Boys

10:30 a.m.Class AAAA Boys

11:15 a.m.Presentation of Awards

12:00 p.m.Class AAA Girls

12:30 p.m.Class AA/A Girls

1:00 p.m.Class AAA Boys

1:30 p.m.Class AA Boys

2:00 p.m.Class A Boys

2:45 p.m.Presentation of Awards

The course will be closed to all contestants at 7:45 a.m. on the day of the event.All spectators, coaches, and contestants are to remain in the spectators' area during the running of the events.Any coach in an Off-Limit area, can cause your athletes to be DQed

a.Starting line when it is announced for coaches to clear,5 min prior to start (unless you are working)

b. Inside the finish ropes at any time (unless you are working)

c. Inside the ropes at the top of the hill (unless you are working)

We will have USATF officials (6)on the course monitoring each race. These are meet officials andhave full authority.


Place all trash in the receptacles before leaving the area.

The League will furnish trophies for the State Champion and the State Runner-up in each class.Medals will be awarded to the first three finishers in each Meet and to members of the state champion and runner-up teams.


Please be sure you are in compliance with the uniform policy for State.

Teams will be checked in 15 minutes prior to the start of scheduled race. Races will not be held up to allow teams to get within compliance. Teams have been pulled from the line after not being able to get within compliance. Please do not put your team in this situation. THIS IS THE COACHES RESPONSIBILITY.

South Carolina follows NFHS rules when dealing with uniforms. Same rules for Track & Field concerning uniforms apply to Cross Country.Rule 8 Section 6 (Cross Country) and Rule 4 Section 3 (Track and Field). READ AND BE IN COMPLIANCE

1. Nike PRO shorts (with wording on waistband) ARE NOT allowed. This is an illegal uniform.

2. Shorts CAN NOT be rolled.

3. Shorts have to be same color and design (either:all boy-shorts, all loose legged, all split seam; unless approved by the HSL in writing before the day of the race).They can be different lengths.

4. Undergarments (worn under uniform) do not have to match as long as they are above the knee.

5. Headbands must be soft elastic single color and 1 logo is allowed. Teams do not have to match. Hats arenot allowed unless the weather permits and the SCHSL will make that decision.

6. Jewelry is allowed.

7. GPS devices ARE NOT allowed. This includes Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watches, etc.....

8. Sunglasses are not allowed unless the coach has a doctor's letter for that athlete.

9. Leg Compression/socks have no rules if below the knee

10. Arm compressionhas to be single solid color with one logo only

11. Manufacturelogos cannot be bigger than2.25x2.25 inches.

12. Meet management has the right to allow gloves/hats the morning of the race based on the weather. (SCHSL)

NOTE:Please tell your runners that official High School League State Championship shirts will be available for purchase.

Please place all trash in the receptacles before leaving the area.