Boys Mile Heat 1- Reed Brown U.S. #2 4:06.40

Reed Brown and the Pursuit For The Sub 4

Southlake senior Reed Brown took the mile by storm on Saturday night. He went out guns a blazing and never looked back. You could tell he was in pursuit of a sub-four mile. He took the first 200m out in right around 30 seconds and hit the 400m mark in 1:00.07 he then followed that up coming through 800m in about 2:01.30. So he was just off the pace for breaking the sub 4 barrier at the 800m mark. At the 1K mark, he hit 2:32.50 and continued to dip from there. The performances although not sub-four is still extremely impressive for a solo attempt at the feat indoors. Browns final time of 4:06.40 ranks U.S. #2 only behind Rhode Island's D.J. Principe. We're super excited to watch Brown run this track season as a sub four performance is on the horizon for this young star. In a larger field with national-caliber talent, like NBNI there's not telling what could happen, it's only a matter of time before we witness history. 

Lap by lap breakdown of Brown's sub four attempt:
200 - :30
400 - 1:00.70
600 - 1:30.00 (approx.) 
800 - 2:01.30
1,000 - 2:32.50
1,200 - 3:04.50
1,400 - 3:36.40
Mile - 4:06.40

1Reed Brown12Southlake Carroll4:06.401
2Justin Botello12Pflugerville Henderickson4:23.181
3Charlie Gardner12Southlake Carroll4:23.411