James Island’s Hailey Sweatman commits to Gamecocks

James Island's Hailey Sweatman talks with scrunners about committing to the Gamecocks and the decision process.

What made you decide to commit to University of South Carolina?
When I was walking around the campus, I just felt at home. I felt comfortable and felt like I was going to fit in.

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What were your other top choices?
I was looking at Wake Forest and the group I was introduced to were amazing, but I just felt less comfortable when we were touring the campus.

What do you hope to achieve in academics and athletics?
In the academic department, I hope I get a a better grasp of what I want to major in. On the athletic side, I'm interested to see how far I can go because I really haven't been coached by a pole vault-specific coach.

What did you experience during each visit?
I watched the team run a practice and also got to meet them. We went to the horseshoe and were on TV when they were filming the ESPN live broadcast. Also, my host showed me places where you can get food or just hangout.

What would you recommend to others when choosing a college?
I would recommend that the recruits choose a school based on how they think they'll fit in and what the school has to offer. I wouldn't base your decision on the team members you meet because even though you like them more, if you don't like the school, your not going to put much effort into your classes.

What does it feel like to have the decision made?
It feel so relieving to have made a decision because now I don't have to stress any more and I can have a stress free season and preform well.

James Island's Hailey Sweatman gaining self-confidence
What do you hope to achieve this spring?
I definitely want to achieve a new track family, but also, I would like to gain more strength mentally and physically.

Looking at your career at James Island, what will you remember the most?
Just the strong bond our sprint group had and also my relationship with Elise (fellow pole vault athlete). She and I have gotten so close over the years that we've worked together.

What individuals in your life were involved in helping you make the decision?
My mom and dad were very involved. We talked about my decision and it just worked out for all of us.