Dreher's Patterson Excited for Bojangles 200

How would you rate your season? 
So far I would rate my season at a 9 because I feel much healthier this year. Last year this time I wasn't fully healthy.

What do you hope to achieve this weekend at Bojangles Track & Field Classic in the
I want to be able to successfully run my race plan.

What does it mean to compete in the Bojangles Track & Field Classic as a national-caliber meet? 
It means a lot. This meet is exciting to me because of the amount of talent being showcased and it also gives me the opportunity to run against other national caliber athletes. 

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How do you see the race unfolding? 
I'm not really sure of the field but I plan to run the most technical 200 that I've ran all year. 

What will you prep be like the rest of this week? 
Monday: 250s
Tuesday: Blocks and Technique 
Wednesday: 200s
Thursday: Race modeling and mental preparation 
Friday: 200 prelims 

How do you handle meet day preparations? 
I get to the meet and do a shake loose. After my shake loose I find a place in the stands that's isolated from everyone else and put in my headphones and stare at the track and vision myself running whatever race I have coming up.