SCTCCCA Preseason Rankings: Meet the No. 3 Teams

Name: David Helms
School: Fort Mill (girls)
Years coaching: 5 years as assistant, first as head coach
Goals / expectations this year: Boys and girls both top 5 in the state. 100% PRs for team
Up and coming runners on the team (only team ranked): Mary Drolet is a 9th grader and was third on our team last year. She has been training all summer and is focused on moving up. Our girls team is very deep and we have we have many eighth and ninth graders such as Genesis Simpson, Audreanna Miserandino, Daphne Clish, and Evie Harris looking to contribute to our team alongside our juniors and seniors.
Top meets going to this year: Coaches Classic, Wendy's Invitational, and State Championship.
Team leaders: Abby Dawson, Molly Passmore, and Charlotte Anderson
Team vision: Our overall vision is to create a family atmosphere and help foster a love of running. Every athlete may not win state, but we want their state of mind to be a winning one. 
Coach motto: Finish what you start and always finish strong.
Coach personal records: 100% PR for team and have every athlete walk away from the season with a feeling of accomplishment.
Number of returners from 2017 season: 98
Number of new runners for 2018 season: 43
Season Expectations: Get better each and every meet. If we do that, the results will be there.