What is the Heart of a Champion?

By Kevin Wyatt

After an emotional night I can finally answer with clarity exactly the age old question my friends. "What is the heart of a champion?" I will tell you what it is... it is TJ Thigpen our fearless leader all year passing 7 people in final half mile and finishing 3rd, it is Preston Slate who says "coach, this is my last shot, I HAVE to go, it is Jonathan Roberts who gave every morsel of energy even when he was physically and emotionally drained, because he came to Byrnes to be a part of something bigger than himself, it is Daniel Kitts who said "coach, I will head and arms suplex a grizzly bear to qualify for the state" then hold off the charge of the desperate harriers trying to help their team qualify. It is Christian Burnette who says "my teammates are not up to their normal self so I am giving my all for the Rebels today" and then running sub 18 minutes for the first time in his life. It is Hayden Goode who has been sick since Sunday, feeling like he has nothing left, them emptying the tank, and it is Camden Stratton who was challenged all week by the coaches to give his all, and passing 4 people within the last 50 meters, that is the heart of a champion, but that is not all.

It is a community, a staff, and many dreams driven by one single heartbeat, forged in desire, brotherhood, and sisterhood. One team, one town, and one dream! I love these kids, and I love the Rebels!!! This picture answers that question.... this is the heart of a champion!

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