Hannah Vroon Aiming for All-State, PR at Sandhills

How would you rate the season so far?                   
The season has been unexpected.  At the beginning of the season I never thought I would be running the times I am now. I knew the girls at James Island were a strong XC team and I'm proud I could be a part of a Regional and Lower State win.  This season has shown me what I can do and how to begin to push myself to my limits.   

How did you get involved in the sport?                                  
I have always wanted to run and at my elementary school I did a running club and I really enjoyed it.  I signed up for a track meet in fifth grade to run the distance races and I won the 800m for my age group and placed in the top five for the 400m without much experience competing and I knew i wanted to do more.  When I entered the seventh grade we reached out to the coaches and tried out for XC.                 

What do you hope to achieve this weekend?
I hope to be All-State, and to have another PR at Sandhills.  I also have a goal to run a sub 19 which I think would be a great end to my first season and would allow me to set even higher goals next season.  

 What is your training like this week?                   
This week so far has been great, I feel like I am ready but we are still continuing to train hard. Of course there is a little added pressure this week with the last race of the season approaching. I'm just trying to stay focused on being ready. 

What part of the race do you feel is your strongest and most challenging?
The strongest part of the race for me is the third mile because I have already run and set my pace for most of the race. The only thing left is to finish as strong as I can.  The most challenging part of the race for me is the pacing up front.  Making sure that I don't start out too fast because I have done that in the past and it didn't allow me to have the finish I would have liked.

What do you hope to do after the regular season?                  
I hope to keep training successfully, keep clear of injuries, and give more time and energy to my travel soccer team.  I also hope to have a great first season on the James Island High School Track Team. I hope that it is as strong as my XC season.  

Did you run into any challenges this summer?                   
There were a lot of challenges this summer because everything was new to me.  I had to learn to adapt to the team, my coaches, and the new training schedule so I could learn how to run in a way that worked best when the season began.  

What keeps you motivated?                    
My family being at my XC meets because everyone is so excited about seeing me succeed.  My aunt Laura ran cross country and track, and my Dad loves to run as well, so they give me great advice and motivation.  My team motivates me because they give me so much encouragement when I finish and I know no matter how I do in the race they will be very happy for me. 

COACH COMMENT (Dave Lee):  "Hannah has been a huge addition for us this Fall!  From early June, we have watched her continuously grow and improve as a runner.  She has a great attitude toward training and racing and I'm excited to see what she is able to do during the rest of her career!"