I'm Super Excited - Colin Baker after FL South

Academic Magnet's Colin Baker talks about making Foot Locker Nationals with his fourth place finish today in Charlotte. Baker's race would put him in Foot Locker South top three for the state in our database.

Editor's note: Over winter break we will be reaching out to our contacts to see if we can update the state Foot Locker South and National times in our database. 

Stay tuned for more coverage from Charlotte. 

His coach Brian Johnson, said this after the race on social media, "So proud of this guy! Colin Baker punched his ticket to Foot Locker Nationals! As an 8th grader, when he got accepted to AMHS, he contacted me with training questions and also said that his goal was to make Footlocker Nationals his senior year. That has been a guiding thought with all of his training the last 4 years. He worked really hard with a lot of focus and certainly earned this. On to San Diego for him. A nice retirement gift to his coach as well!"

Relive the SCHSL State race below. 

FL South results - click here for complete results

Boys 5k Run Championship					
Place	Last Name	First Name	Team	Mark	-
1	Gomez	Cruz	Unattached	15:04.8	1
2	Cheeseman	Carter	Unattached	15:04.9	1
3	O'Brien	Daniel	Unattached	15:07.7	1
4	Baker	Colin	Unattached	15:08.6	1
5	Fischer	Camren	Unattached	15:09.8	1
6	Bullock	Cole	Unattached	15:10.4	1
7	Renfree	Jake	Unattached	15:10.5	1
8	Morris	Graydon	Unattached	15:12.7	1
9	Winders	Silas	Unattached	15:13.2	1
10	Ahlmeyer	David	Unattached	15:14.7	1
11	Roberts	Coen	Unattached	15:17.3	2
12	Harkabus	Kyle	Unattached	15:26.6	2
13	Stone	Will	Unattached	15:29.0	2
14	Hartvigsen	Benjamin	Unattached	15:31.6	2
15	Abdalla	Yaseen	Unattached	15:34.3	2
16	Osborne	Chase	Unattached	15:36.5	2
17	Shumaker	Ryan	Unattached	15:37.8	2
18	Richter	Myles	Unattached	15:38.9	2
19	Collins	Myles	Unattached	15:40.4	2
20	Higinbotham	John	Unattached	15:41.0	2