Interview: Spartanburg's Smiley serves as Class AAAA association VP

Full name  - Glover L. Smiley, Jr
Date of birth - June 24,1954
Hobbies - Music, traveling, golf, photography
Details on running career -  College & Master Track & field 100, 200, 400, Long jump, Triple jump, high jump, relays  (two scholarships named in my honor at WVSU. Hall of fame inductee as an track runner and as a coach in 1992, school record-holder in the 4x220 relay.
Year started coaching - Started coaching in the spring of 1978 (men's assistant at WVSU, head women's track coach 1979, head men and women's track coach 1983, 1984. Started the AAU Summer track club in Charleston, W.Va. with coach William "Chip" Ferrell. (Capital City Striders Track Club). Shot putter Randy Barnes was a member for three years.
Years involved with SCTCCCA  - 18 years and 11 years on the college level.
Number of children -- one boy and one girl

scrunners: When and where did you start to coach? 
smiley: I started in the spring of 1978 at West Virginia State University.

scrunners: What made you decide to coach?
smiley: My college coach resigned after I graduated. The College hired a football coach who knew nothing about track and field. I was in graduate school at that time, so, he asked if I would coach the men's track with him. He told me that I was the head coach and he was my assistant The next track season we were told by Title IX that we had to start a women's program. I started the first womens team at West Virginia State University in 1979 as the first head women's track coach at West Virginia State College.  

scrunners: Over the years, what have you seen change in the sports?
smiley: I have seen uniforms, track surfaces, timing equipment and meet entry change.

scrunners: What do you see as your key role as vice president with the SCTCCCA?
smiley: To help track Coaches across the state have a better understanding about the sport of track and field.

scrunners: What do you feel as vice president you have made an impact on in the association?
smiley: I have been a sounding board for other coaches and a contact person to assist and advise them in helping their track program.

scrunners: What kind of impact on the sport the association president has in the sport?
smiley: Coach (Daniel) Brooks has gotten more coaches active in the association and more coaches working the meets.

scrunners: What do you feel Daniel Brooks has achieved as president for the past two terms?
smiley: Coach Brooks has given coaches from around the state a chance to be apart of the association (SCTCCCA). Coach Brooks values input from coaches.

scrunners: How do you balance work and family responsibilities being a coach?
smiley: I try to get family interested in the sport.

scrunners: How do you see yourself fitting into the president position? 
smiley: I would get as many coaches as possible active in the sport and working with association.
scrunners: How is your team looking for 2009 and the future? 
smiley: I feel that we will have a very good Track season this year.

scrunners: What kind of team goals and statewide (other teams) goals do you hope to see this season and future?
smiley: I would like to win a region, county and state championship in 2010. 

scrunners: What kind of impact do you feel the Internet has on the sport? 
smiley: The Internet has helped the sports a great deal.

scrunners: How would you plan to enhance media coverage of major events?
smiley: I would try to enhance coverage by sending press releases on the upcoming events.

scrunners: Would you like to see more national caliber meets in South Carolina?
smiley: Yes, if we can get the support from the state of South Carolina and the association.