Braydon Bennett: Staying Focused and Working Hard

Braydon Bennett talks with scrunners about the past, present and challenges. He is ranked second in the 110m hurdles this season. View rankings 

Tell us about this opening weekend (Frank Kleckner Invitational), what did you think of the opening weekend? What does this do for you for the upcoming meets?
I had a great time and a great start for the 2020 track season.

How are you looking at goals your senior season?
I'm just trying to stay focused and working hard to continue to grow mentally and physically in all of my races. If I do that, I know my times will reflect the work I have putting in and hopefully they will be top marks nationally.

What challenges have you encountered in the sport? Please explain.
Growing pains. I fractured both pelvic bones running the 110 meter hurdles in 2019. My orthopedic said that it was because I was growing and my growth plates were open. Missed some time but came back and won state in the 110s and went sub 14 in the hurdles.

I also had reconstructed knee surgery in September.  After five months I am back on the track and excited just for that. I will not take my gift for granted and expect to put National numbers done. 

How did you get involved in the sport?
My uncle Bralyn called my dad, and made me run, lol...but I am so glad they did.

What's your motivation?
To be great. To show other aspiring athletes that anything is possible. I want to be the person people come to watch and inspire them to work hard.

What future plans do you hope to achieve in the sport?
I will be playing football and running track at Coastal Carolina.  I want to make a difference and help them to win Championships "NATIONALLY."

What do you feel it takes to achieve individual goals and team in track and field?
Being a leader. Being the example.  I'm not a big talker. I lead by my actions. So I work my butt off. I'm scared to be the weak link so I practice to make sure that I am not.  I ALWAYS get with my I uncle and dad and watch film to study what I need to do to get better. Even when I do good I still critique myself to make sure I am ALWAYS trying to get better.

I help and coach also. Whether demonstrating or working with my teammates to help them learn what the coaches are asking of them. Sometimes that's making them laugh when frustrated or getting on them when playing. I try to "LEAD."

Walk us through race day prep and the races.
Get up early to eat, hydrate, take a hot shower and stretch to loosen up, relax and watch film of past meets to mentally go through what I need to do to win. Then I take time to visualize my races.  I go through them each race from warm up, getting in the blocks, coming out and executing all the phases of my races. That helps me to get another practice in before I run.

What is your weekly training like? Please explain by day.
Monday - Speed
Tuesday - Speed endurance
Wednesday - Recovery
Thursday - Speed
Friday-  Race prep

What's it like to be on the starting line in the set stance?
Dialed in and so focused on task at hand.  Attention totally focused on two things. The voice of the starter and the sound of the gun.  Anxious and ready to compete.