Diamond Hornets Invitational 2013

Hopkins, SC

Meet information


9:00 AM

Track & Field
2615 Lower Richland Blvd., Hopkins, SC 29061
♦Kelvin Wymbs, Principal ♦ Bob Matz, Athletic Director
♦Mike Steward, Coach

November 1, 2012

Dear Coach,

Lower Richland High School will sponsor the Diamond Hornet Invitational on Saturday, March 9, 2013. We are inviting you to participate in what promises to be a very competitive early season meet. The meet will follow the traditional format and will include junior varsity competition in the 100, 1600, long jump, shot put, and discus. We will use a three-turn stagger in the 1600m relay.

The Lower Richland facility features a newly surface 8-lane track with a rubber surface, separate girls and boy’s runways for triple and long jumps and high quality high jump and pole vault pits. An automatic timing system will be in use for this meet. Medals will be presented to the top three individuals/relay teams and ribbons for places four through eight in each event. Team trophies will be presented to the top three girls’ and boys’ teams. Outstanding athlete awards will be given to the top field and track performances. Milesplit ( HYPERLINK "http://www.scrunners.com" www.scrunners.com) will handle all entries including junior varsity competition. Entries closing date is Thursday, March 7 at 11:59PM.

The meet cost is $60.00 for one team, $100.00 for both girls’ and boys’ teams and individual cost of $10.00. Please use the registration form below and submit it to us by March 8, or you may bring your entry fee. Coaches may contact me by phone or e-mail for additional information or questions.

Coach Mike Steward (803) 695-3000 (S), (803) 788-6056 (H), (803) 414-5167 (C) HYPERLINK "mailto:msteward@richlandone.org" msteward@richlandone.org

Thank you!

Mike Steward


Time Schedule

Coaches may begin to pick up packets
Coaches Meetings (scratches or changes made at this time – no additions please)
JV/Open 100 Meters Dash, Girls & Boys Long Jump, Girls Pole Vault, Boys Discus, Girls Shot Put
JV/Open 1600 Meter Run
Girls 100 M Hurdle Trials
Boys 110 M High Hurdle Trials
Girls 100 Meter Dash Trials
Boys 100 Meter Dash Trials
Girls 4x800 Relay
Boys 4x800 Relay
Girls 4x100 Relay (sections vs. times)
Boys 4x100 Relay (sections vs. times)

Boys & Girls Triple Jump, Boys Pole Vault, Girls Discus, Boys Shot Put
Girls 100 Meter Hurdle Final
Boys 110 Meter High Hurdle Final
Girls 100 Meter Dash Final
Boys 100 Meter Dash Final
Girls 1600 Meter Run
Boys 1600 Meter Run
Girls 400 Meter Dash (sections vs. time)
Boys 400 Meter Dash (sections vs. time)

Girls High Jump
Girls 400 Meter LH (sections vs. time)
Boys 400 Meter IH (sections vs. time)
Girls 800 Meter Run (sections vs. time)
Boys 800 Meter Run (sections vs. time)

Boys High Jump
Girls 200 Meter Dash (sections vs. time)
Boys 200 Meter Dash (sections vs. time)
Girls 3200 Meter Run
Boys 3200 Meter Run
Girls 1600 Meter Relay (sections vs. time)
Boys 1600 Meter Relay (sections vs. time)
Presentation of awards

All JV/Open Field Events will follow the varsity field events. Please limit these to three athletes.

If we get ahead of schedule, we will try our best to remain ahead.
If we have 20 or more teams coming, we may need to cut the JV/Open races. We will let you know ahead of time.
HYPERLINK "http://www.scrunners.com" www.scrunners.com

Online Registration Trouble Shooting Hints
1.   Make sure that you are logged in.  If you don’t know if you are check the right side of the gray navigation bar at the top of the page.  If it says “Hello, (your name)” then you are logged in. 
If it says “You are not logged in. HYPERLINK "http://oh.milesplit.us/../../register"Register or HYPERLINK "http://oh.milesplit.us/../../meets/45882"Login.” Then you are not logged in.  Click on login, a box will drop, and you will be prompted to enter your username and password.  Once you enter your username and password, click on the gray Login button.  Once the page reloads it will say “Hello, (your name)” and you will be logged in.
If you do not have a username and password click on “Register” in the gray navigation bar and go through the process.  It is best to use a home email account as opposed to a school email account because some school email accounts will filter out MileSplit emails (although you could ask your school tech person to allow emails from @milesplit.com and @milesplit.us).  Also if you do not receive your password within about a half hour or less, check your spam or junk folder of your email to see if the email was forwarded to this folder.
2.   Navigate to the meet that you want to enter by going to the red navigation bar, scroll over teams, and then click on the season that you want to enter.  Once on the meet calendar page you will see a list of meets sorted by date.  Find the meet that you want to enter and click on the Meet Name in blue.  This will take you to the Meet Page.
3.   On the Meet page, click on the green box that says “Enter Online Now”.  This will take you to the Online Registration Page.
4.   If your Online Registration Page says “Registration Details” first and then has the meet information and a gray box that says “Enter Team >>”, click on the gray box to enter your team and follow the prompts.
      If the next page has a black box that says “You Have Not Claimed Your Team,” follow the instructions below and type your school name into the box and click the blue “Search” link.  A dropdown box will appear and you will need to select your team.  Please double check that you are clicking on the right team!  Check the name of the school against the city that it is located in.  Once you do this follow the directions on how to claim a team and then wait for an email saying that you are approved.  Most team approvals are done between 6-10pm, but some will be done during the day if possible.
      If your Online Registration Page says “Already Entered” first, then says “(your team name) – View/Edit Entries” and then has the “Registration Details”, click on the View/Edit Entries link to go to the Event Entries Page.
5.   On the Event Entries Page you will see “Online Registration: (school name)” at the top of the page.  Below this you will have an off colored box that will say “You are entered in this meet. Your entries are below. You may update them up until (a certain date and time to enter). HYPERLINK "http://oh.milesplit.us/../../meets/45882/registration/sessions/5545/print/confirmation"Print confirmation.” After you finish all of your entries click on the Print Confirmation link to print your Entry Confirmation.  On the next page, in your browser go to file, and then print to print the page.
6.  Also on the Event Entries Page, beneath the Print Confirmation box you will see a black bar on the left side of the screen that says “Event Entry.” Below this you will have all of the events listed and next to the name you will see a blue link that says “[Edit Entries]”.  Click on this link to go through the entry procedure.
      For individual events, simply check the box next to the name of the athlete that you want to enter into the event.  On the right hand side of the screen the athlete will appear with a box to enter their seed mark/time.  If the seed mark/time does not appear you will be able to enter one.  In some meets you can override the given seed/mark, in other meets you will not be allowed to do this.
      For relay events, simply click the gray box that says “Add New Relay”, your seed time will appear and then the page will reload and your athletes will appear to the right of the screen and you can select the athletes that you want to put into the relay and then select the order that they will run in (1,2,3,4).
7.   On the Event Entries Page, if you do not see both genders to enter and the school is sending both a boys and girls team, you will need to change the Divisions that the school is entered in.
      To do this, locate the black “Divisions Entered” bar.  Below this will be something similar to: High School F, High School M, or High School F+M.  If both a boys team and a girls team are attending the meet, then this area should say “High School F+M”, if it doesn’t then you need to click on the blue link that says “Edit Divisions Entered.”
      On the “(school name) – Change Divisions Entered” Page you will see the word “Divisions” then a bar beneath it and then something along the lines of:
High School
Male - Not Entered HYPERLINK "http://oh.milesplit.us/../../meets/45882/registration/sessions/5880/divisions/306/enter/m"Enter
Female - Entered HYPERLINK "http://oh.milesplit.us/../../meets/45882/registration/sessions/5880/divisions/11313/delete" \o "Are you sure you want to delete your entry for this division?"Delete
      In this instance, if you wanted to enter the boys team, you would simply click on the blue “Enter” link to enter the boys team into the meet.

MARCH 9, 2013

SCHOOL _________________________ PHONE (W) ______________ (H) _______________


COACH _________________________ EMAIL________________________ FAX______________

BOYS ____________ GIRLS_______________ ENRTY FEE $______________


Entries closing date is Thursday, March 7 at 11:59 PM.