Meet Information

Welcome to the 3rd Annual Dorman Distance Carnival

This meet is a scrimmage. It is a low-key, but fun, competitive meet. Teams that participated last year will receive an invitation to participate again in 2018. They will be given first priority to compete. We are considering adding two more teams to this year's competition.

Tentative Time Schedule

10:00 800m "Youth" run - 3rd-6th grades, boys & girls will run together
10:10 800m Run - girls followed by boys
10:50 3200m Run - girls followed by boys
11:30 1600m Run - girls followed by boys
12:00 Elite Mile Run - girls followed by boys(girls who have run under 5:40 & boys who have run under 4:35, verifiable time in MileSplit database)
12:10 4 x 400m Co-Ed Relay* two girls and two boys on a relay team (relay legs w/ order girl/boy/girl/boy)
12:20 4 x 400m Relay (Distance Runners) - girls followed by boys
12:35 4 x 400m Relay (Sprinters) - girls followed by boys

*This is tentative. We will follow a rolling schedule. If we can run ahead of the schedule, we will. Please let your athletes know.

**This schedule is subject to change based on the number of entries for the meet as well as weather conditions.

Seeding: All races will be seeded based on the times that coaches enter. Please enter last year's personal best or a recent time from a time trial. You may want to seed new athletes to the sport with "no time". The last section of each event will be the "fast" section.

Elite Mile Run: We are trying to put together a field of at least 8+ runners for each of these races...girls who have run under 5:50 and boys under 4:50 for 1600m/mile run. Coaches should only enter athletes in these events who have run under the entry standards indoors or outdoors last season.

Teams are not required to wear official track uniforms since this is a pre-season scrimmage. A school identifying t-shirt is suggested but not required.

Our school has a Mondo track surface.

Entries will done on SCRunners.

Sprinters or distance runners can be entered in the 4x400 relay. We encourage you to bring a group of sprinters for the relay.

Entry fee: $30 covers both boys and girls. This will help to cover costs for security, parking, coaches'lunches, etc. There will also be a small admission charge for spectators of $2.

Parking: Buses can drop off athletes in the circle near the tennis courts and then park in the lot across from the softball and baseball fields. Parents should park in this lot (across from softball/baseball fields) and walk down to the track. Handicap or elderly will be allowed to park closer to the track.

Meet Director:

Bobby Urban

Assistant Track Coach (B & G Distance)

Dorman High School