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6th Annual Armed Forces Cavalier Relays 2019

6th Annual Armed Forces Cavalier Relays

March 9, 2019 at 7500 Brookfield Rd, Columbia, SC 29223

Head Coach Lawrence Terry

Entry Fee: $70.00 per team and $130.00 for both boys and girls teams

I started this meet to connect our local community with our military community. Our facilities have been recently updated which included additional seating and restrooms. Our track is like new which includes two jump runways, new pole vault equipment, separate throws areas, and an automatic timing system. During the break we will have our annual Coaches vs each of the military branches 4x200m race. If you would like to enter your team in this fun event please let Coach Terry know.

LAST YEAR WE ADDED THE OPEN 100M AND OPEN 1 MILE Team are allowed 3 entries in the 100m and 4 entries in the mile.

Time Schedule: Coaches Meeting 9:30am and Events will start at 10:00am

Awards: Team Champions and Runner-Up Trophies for Boys and Girls with Medals for 1st-3rd and Ribbons for event finishers 4th-8th. I believe we have the best awards by far!

Entries will be handled via with the deadline being Wednesday March 7th at 11:00pm. Lunch will be provided for coaches and officials.

In the past 50+ performances met the MileSplit US First Team standard!

Field events will be limited to 3 athletes per event with Pole Vault only allowing 2. Field events include High Jump, Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot Put, Discus, and PV. ALL FIELD EVENTS EXCEPT HJ ARE STRAIGHT 5, NO FINALS. Individuals can compete.

Teams will be allowed 1 relay per event.

4x100m, 4x200m, 4x400m, 4x800m, Mile/Sprint Medley(200,200,400,800), Distance Medley(800,400,1200,1600), 800 Sprint Medley(100,100,200,400), and Shuttle Hurdle relay.

There will be a rolling schedule. The orders of events are as follows:

9:30am- Coaches Meeting

9:50am- Track Closes

10:00- Boys SP, Girls Discus, Boys HJ, Boys LJ, Girls LJ, Girls HJ, Girls PV

Girls OPEN 1 Mile

Boys OPEN 1 Mile

Girls OPEN 100m

Boys OPEN 100m

Girls Mile/Sprint Medley(200,200,400,800)

Girls SP, Boys Discus, Boys TJ, Girls TJ

Boys Mile/Sprint Medley(200,200,400,800)

Break/Lunch- Track open for warm-ups

1:30pm- Girls Shuttle Hurdle Relay and Boys Pole Vault

Boys Shuttle Hurdle Relay

Girls 4x100m Relay

Boys 4x100m Relay

Girls Distance Medley(800,400,1200,1600)

Boys Distance Medley(800,400,1200,1600)

Girls 800 Sprint Medley(100,100,200,400)

Boys 800 Sprint Medley(100,100,200,400)

Girls 4x200m Relay

Boys 4x200m Relay

Girls 4x800m Relay

Boys 4x800m Relay

Girls 4x400m Relay

Boys 4x400m Relay

Trophies will be presented


Mail Checks to: Coach Terry Richland Northeast Track & Field, 7500 Brookfield Road, Columbia, SC 29223

Entry fees $130.00 for both teams or $70 per team or


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