Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Meter Run 39 entries

Athlete Seed Team
King, Ethan McBee
Woodward, Noah Chesterfield
Conner, Camron Central
Turner, John Governor's School
Porter, Bill McBee
Moseley, Jon Central
Janse, Carter Governor's School
Pierce, Dakota Central
Threatt, E j Central
Bowman, Colby Chesterfield
Rutledge, Wes Chesterfield
Beeraka, Karthik Governor's School
Burr, Dillon Chesterfield
Howle, Noah McBee
Eichhorn, Mathis Governor's School
Gilbert, Hunter McBee
Carpenter, Bryson Chesterfield
Youngblood, Garrett Governor's School
King, Payton McBee
Hamilton, Zachary Chesterfield
Alejandro, Angel Central
Bian, Justin Governor's School
Griggs, Ethan McBee
Ashcraft, Kade Central
Kayser, Palin Governor's School
Outlaw, Harrison Central
Bracey, Zykeim Central
Eubanks, Gavin Central
Wiley, Eric Chesterfield
Hough, Ethan Chesterfield
Chaney, Cameron McBee
Reeder, Robert Governor's School
McBride, Joseph Chesterfield
Rollings, Blake McBee
Weeks, Elic Governor's School
Crawford, Chance McBee
Wallace, Greg Chesterfield
Clark, Lee Central
Brower, Dylan Governor's School
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Girls 5000 Meter Run 17 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Fonteneau, Lili Governor's School
Rhynes, Josey Chesterfield
Wensink, Margaret Governor's School
Rodman, Kaitlyn Governor's School
Gainey, Marissa McBee
Torres, Jackie Central
Moseley, Isabella Central
Dale, Kirsten Central
Carson, Blaire Governor's School
Brock, Liana Chesterfield
Strinsky, Caroline Governor's School
Willard, Caroline Chesterfield
Waraich, Hannah Governor's School
Malcolm, Liza Governor's School
Bowers, Anna Central
Outlaw, Lizzie Central
Leaird, Amber Central
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