Anderson County Meet

Anderson, SC
Hosted by T.L. Hanna

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

2020 Anderson County Meet

DATE: Wednesday April 1 and Thursday April 2nd, 2020

LOCATION: T.L. Hanna High School

ENTRIES:    Entries are limited to 4 participants in each event.

                       All entries must be received
by March 30, 2020.

                       Entries will be done online

no entry changes will be made after Monday March 30, 2020.

 Heat flights and scoring
will be timed using FAT.

 Concessions will be opened
and coaches will have their own hospitality area.

 Admission for the track meet
will be $5.00 per person. Children 6
& Under are free. Coaches will admit
their teams free. 

Meet Schedule will be posted at later date.  All field events are schedule for the first day except Javelin.  It will be on Day 2.

**If two sections are needed for each
3200 meters then we will split it up with a slow section on the first day and
fast section on 2
nd day.

events will have 3 trials then follow by finals (Number of athletes in finals
will determine how many places will be scored).

the running events, girls will run first followed by the boys. If we get ahead of schedule, we will stay
ahead of schedule!

with preliminaries will be determined closer to the meet date. Preliminary events will be Girls and Boys 100 meters, Girls 100 Hurdles and Boys 110 Hurdles 

will be determined by number of teams.

will be done by computer



Parking:        All vehicles should be
parked in the student parking lot of the school.

Busses will drop off athletes at the Field House and
coaches will escort their athletes down to the stadium. Busses will park in the side parking lot next
to the Band Practice Field. Athletes
should not be in the bus parking lot unless supervised by one of your coaches.

 Awards:  Medals
will be presented to participants who place in the top three in each
 Coaches will pick up a folder
with all medals in it at the conclusion of the meet.

     Only flats or 1/4 inch
spikes will be allowed on the track surface.

Tape, chalk, or any other material that will stain,
damage, or permanently mark the track or runway willnotbe allowed.

 Local Rules:               1. Athletes will enter the track
in the bullpen. Athletes should not enter near the pole vault pit gate.
 They will exit the track near the gate
closest to the finish line. Athletes will need to stay away from timing tent.

will check in 20 to 25 minutes before their event. Running events will check in
near the bullpen. Hip Numbers must go on
their left hip.

 3. Once the meet begins, all warm-ups must be made
outside the track.
 Only the events under
call will be allowed in or on the track.
Athletes must leave the track promptly after their event has been run.

4. Field event equipment will be
measured and marked for standards.
 If an
implement or pole is not legal, it will be impounded and returned at the
conclusion of the event.

 5. Radios are not allowed in the
stand, and will not be allowed to enter the track, bleacher, or team area.

 6. Athletes must be on time for
calls, or they will be scratched.

7. No electronic devices will be
 Athletes will be disqualified
if brought into the track infield. This includes cell phones, CD players, MP3
players, video cameras, radios, air pods etc.

8. Athletes in more than one event must follow the
rules about reporting to the judges of each event and request to be excused to
go compete in another event.

Be prepared to carry out the
assignments at the meet.
 Hanna will
provide all tapes, bars, rakes, etc.
shots, discuses, javelins, and pole vault poles must be inspected and verified
as legal.
 Be sure to check the tape on
your vaulter's poles.
 No large wrinkles
or roles may be present.
 The tape may
only be two layers thick at any point.
Poles must be properly marked for weight, and the vaulter on the proper
pole for his/her weight. Hanna will provide volunteers to help rake and
 We will need Coaches running
off the field events. If there are problems, please contact us, and we will try
to help you fill all of these positions. Have coaches be ready to assist if
needed with some volunteers not getting off until after 5:00 PM.