Border Brawl Relays

Aiken, SC
Hosted by Aiken

Meet Information

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Welcome to the 1st annual Border Brawl Relays hosted by Aiken High School. The meet will be on March 28th and will take place at Aiken High school. The relays will begin promptly at 9:00 am with a coaches meeting at 8:30 am. Please check out the following link for more details!

1st Annual Border Brawl Relays

Track events:


2x100 Meter Hurdles Shuttle Run

2x110 Meter Hurdles Shuttle Run




Sprint Medley (1,1,2,4)

Sprint Medley (2,2,4,8)

Distance Medley (8,4,12,16)

Each team is allowed one relay entry per event.

In addition we will also have the following field events:

Long Jump

Triple Jump

High Jump

Shot Put


Pole Vault


For the field events we will take entries for 3 athletes per event. The scores for each team in the field will be based on adding the top marks for each athlete together giving an overall total distance per team.

Scoring will be top eight and an athlete can only compete in at most 4 events.