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March 21, 2020 (WANDO HIGH)

Dear Coach,

We would like to invite you to the 14th Annual Mellow Mushroom Relays hosted by Wando High School in beautiful Mt. Pleasant, SC on Saturday, March 21, 2020. We will be hosting the meet this year at the brand new Wando High Stadium and Track Complex. We have a brand new state of the art field turf stadium with a totally new track facility as well. The start time will be 9:30 with the coaches meeting beginning at 9:00AM. Coaches please declare your shuttle hurdle teams by 9AM at the timing tent. Also all athletes that are participating in the javelin must be here by 9am to begin warm ups. We will give event champion t -shirts for each events team champion/gold medal winners. We will also issue medals for 1st 3rd place finishers. Each field champion will be decided by the combination of your two athletes best marks. Each running event will be decided by time. We will also give two special awards: MVP Track Relay Team and MVP Field Relay Team. The meet will be professionally timed by Event Timing Solutions LLC. I have been told that they should be able to link into our Daktronics big screen to show up to date results and times. We will also have la live video feed showing races on the big screen. The registration fee is $75 for just a boy or girl team, $125 for boys and girls, or $10 per athlete. There will be a small fee for all spectators without SCHSL passes. Because of this Coaches please escort your athletes through the gate. Food and Drinks will be provided for Coaches by Mellow Mushroom, Mt. Pleasant, SC. Mellow Mushroom will also be making slices on site for purchase for athletes and fans. Coaches will also get a FREE smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Caf Mt. Pleasant. Lastly donuts and coffee will be served by Joey Bags of Donuts. Additional concessions are also available. Invitational t-shirts will also be available for $20. If you have any questions please contact Coach Kevin Shiver at 843-442-5439 or .You can enter your athletes using All entries must be in by noon Thursday March 19th. All entries will be cut off at that time.

2 relays per school

2 competitors per field event except javelin (up to 5)

Please visit our sponsors at:

Please send $ to the address below by Monday 3/15/2020.

1000 Warrior Way Mt. Pleasant SC 29464

Register using

You may enter 2 relay per event and only 2 field competitors per event except Javelin which is 4

If you have over 2 athletes in field events with elite marks contact me ASAP so I can confirm the additional athlete.


8:30 Track is open for warm-ups.


You must declare your shuttle hurdle teams by 9:00am at the timing tent!

Coaches Meeting at 9AM

9:30 (Girls javelin immediately followed by Boys javelin) this is new


9:30 **Shuttle Hurdle Relay

**4x1600M Relay (immediately following the Shuttle Hurdle Relays)

**This will be only one heat each boys and girls if at all possible!

10:00 ALL other Field Events Start

(Girls HJ will immediately follow Boys, Girls Discus will immediately follow Boys, Boys pole Vault will immediately follow Girls, and Boys shot put will immediately follow Girls)










Warrior Medley (200-200-400-800)


Lunch is Served by Mellow Mushroom of Mt. Pleasant for all coaches:

12:30 (We will run each relay in consecutive order after 12:30. If we get ahead then we will keep going)

4 x 100

DMR (1200-400-800-1600)

Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400)

2:30 Coaches last chance for food! Hurry, Hurry, Yummy, Yummy!

2:30 (approximate)



4 x 400

TWO relay per team.

TWO per field event only (unless you contacted me in advance with proof of elite marks)

You can enter up to 4 athletes in the javelin.

All runs are finals. PV and HJ combination of best jump by each competitor.

All other field events have 3 TRIALS with 8 going to finals with the combination of the best attempt by each competitor.

That is a change from last year

Standards to be measured are as follows (each competitors 1st mark will be recorded):

BOYS LJ = 18ft

BOYS TJ = 38ft

GIRLS LJ = 13ft

GIRLS TJ = 28ft

**All Javelin marks will be measured!

BOYS SHOT = 35ft





Here is a tips and reminders sheet about each relay. We have incorporated this so that no mistakes will be made and so that you can coach your athletes on each relay prior to the event to save time. Our goal is for the meet to be completed before 5pm.

I. Shuttle Hurdle

We have moved this to the 1st race to speed up the schedule.

This is a 4 member race. The 1st and 3rd leg will run at the 400m hurdle height and your 2nd and 4th runner will run the high hurdle height. Each girl competitor will run 100m. Each boy competitor will run a 110m. Each competitor must wait until their team member has crossed the line to begin (chest area reaches the line). Each team will run in one of two lanes. #1 and #3 runner will begin at the finish line and #2 and #4 runner will begin at start line.

II. 4x1600m Relay

We will run this immediately after the Shuttle Hurdle race.

Each team of 4 will run 1600m. We will use a fall line start. If it is not a clean start we will blow the gun and re-start. All exchanges will be in traditional 4x400 marks which are blue.

III. Warrior Medley

The 1st 2 legs (200m) will exchange in the 2nd 4x100 handoff area which is gold on our track. The second leg will handoff to the 400m runner in his or her lane using the traditional 4x400m handoff area which is blue on our track. After your 3rd runner (400m) crosses the finish line after handoff has occurred he or she may cut in as long as they do not impede another runner. The last handoff will occur on the traditional 4x400m handoff area which is blue.

IV. 4x100

Traditional 4x100m exchange zones are gold.

V. DMR (1200-400-800-1600)

1st runner (1200m) will begin on a fall line start. If it is not a clean start we will blow the gun and re-start. All exchanges will be in traditional 4x400 marks which are blue.

VI. Sprint Medley (100-100-200-400)

1st 2 exchanges will be made in traditional 4x100 exchange zones which are gold. Your 3rd runner (200m) will handoff to the 400m runner in traditional 4x400m exchanges which are blue.

VII. 4x200m Relay

Our track is marked for this race. All exchanges will be made in red handoff zones except for the last exchange zone which will be done in the yellow 4x100 exchange zone. Each team will remain in their lane the whole race. Final in yellow.

VIII. 4x800m Relay

We will use 800m start where each athlete will begin their race in their lane until they reach the 800m fall line which will be marked by cones and coaches. After your 1st runner passes the fall line they may cut in as long as they do not impede another runner. Every other handoff will be made in traditional 4x400m area which is blue.

IX. 4x400m Relay

We will use a 3-turn stagger for this event. Our track is marked for the 3 turn stagger by blue marks. The 1st runner will exchange in their blue zone which is staggered after the 1st handoff occurs the 2nd runner MUST stay in his or her lane until they reach the fall line (same as 800m fall line) this will be marked by cones and coaches. The 3rd and 4th handoff will occur in traditional 4x400m relay zones marked blue on our track.

X. All field events

We will record each of your athletes best marks and add the distance or height together to create a combined overall distance or height. Example your athlete may have the #1 mark but if his partners mark is not enough to beat the combination of another TEAM total then he or she will not win the event. It is a relay, which means that the best mark from both competitors will be added together.