McBee XC Home #3 2020

McBee, SC
Hosted by McBee
Timing/Results Van Deman Timing

Athlete Entries

Boys 5000 Run 46 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Chan, Madison Chesterfield
Vera, Yahir North Central
Chan, Tristan Chesterfield
Blankenship, Cayden North Central
Salinas, Issac North Central
Morgan, Nathan North Central
Faulkenberry, Kalib North Central
Salinas, Josue North Central
Lowe, Kinnick 19:19.88 Chesterfield
Murphy, Na'Shar 19:42.72 Chesterfield
Long, Nathaniel 20:03.90 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Burr, Dillon 20:10.03 Chesterfield
Barefoot, Ty 20:13.90 McBee
Hough, Ethan 20:14.27 Chesterfield
Morgan, Daniel 20:14.59 North Central
Vasquez, Joshua 20:25.04 North Central
Vera, Isahir 20:57.06 North Central
Clark, Jeremy 21:54.13 McBee
Greene, Matthew 22:10.89 Riverwalk Academy
Price, Christopher 22:13.94 Chesterfield
Batts, Dalton 22:16.83 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Long, Will 22:32.70 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Thurman, Austin 22:40.65 Riverwalk Academy
Caston, Gabe 22:56.31 McBee
Howle, Noah 23:00.39 McBee
Geddes, Lucas 23:15.14 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Cox, Gabriel 23:31.98 Chesterfield
Stuckey, Rhett 24:04.76 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Keith, William 24:06.61 Chesterfield
Powell, Jeffrey 24:12.56 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Coward, Abie 24:16.39 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Salinas, Max 24:55 McBee
Sweatt, Ethan 25:21.04 Riverwalk Academy
Hawkins, Blake 25:36.30 Riverwalk Academy
White, Jay 25:36.50 Riverwalk Academy
Willis, Lucas 25:47.00 Riverwalk Academy
Baker, Carson 26:28.70 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Keller, Patrick 27:01.10 Riverwalk Academy
Atkinson, Vernon 28:29.64 McBee
Wiley, Eric 29:52.50 Chesterfield
St Ours, Andruw 30:08.70 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Stanley, Owen 30:38.50 Chesterfield
Krashner, Walter 31:33.55 Riverwalk Academy
Larymore, Tristan 33:23.50 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Branham, Ayken 34:37.03 McBee
Larymore, Trace 39:50.60 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
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Girl's 5000 Run 25 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Morgan, Kylie North Central
Jordan, Faith Chesterfield
Williamson, Emma North Central
Freeman, Bailey North Central
Losee, Maya 23:07.59 Riverwalk Academy
Davis, Aubreigh 23:21.04 Chesterfield
Carnes, Savanna 23:37.78 North Central
St Ours, Olivia 25:27.70 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Scheller, Savanah 26:29.27 North Central
Dixon, Aubrey 27:16.94 North Central
Farmer, Kylie 27:23.22 Riverwalk Academy
Cutchin, Kessler 28:11.71 Chesterfield
Keller, Carlie 28:46.02 Riverwalk Academy
St Ours, Emelia 28:58.91 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Maloney, Sarah 29:00.17 Riverwalk Academy
Rivers, Kendall 29:22.50 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Patten, Lainey 30:46.00 Riverwalk Academy
Jackson, Baylee 31:10.00 McBee
Collins, Katie 33:21.52 McBee
Washington, Zarria 36:13.30 Riverwalk Academy
Byrd, Virginia 37:31.50 Emmanuel Christian Hartsville
Price, Phaydra 40:31.00 McBee
Lane, Alexia 40:54.00 McBee
Gallardo, Areyla 45:04.00 McBee
Aquino, Ava 48:10.00 McBee
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