Wilson Hall Invitational

Sumter, SC
Hosted by Wilson Hall
Timing/Results Strictly Running

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

Teams are limited to 10 runners for each race (Boys & Girls)

Race Start: Girls 5:00, Boys 5:45 
Arrival Time: No earlier than 3:45.  There will be designated bus parking in the main parking lot. We will send a  map that shows each teams tent/warm-up location.

Parents/Spectators: Parents/Grandparents/Siblings --> Mask required - where social distancing is not possible.  Social Distance to the maximum extent possible.  Spectators can remain in vehicle.  Parent volunteers will be monitoring mask-wearing and are expected to contact the meet director if they see an infraction.  Mask are required when you are headed to your observation spot and when you are leaving your observation spot - no parents are allowed near the team tent areas, once spread out and socially distanced you may remove your mask.

Coaches Meeting:There will be no formal coaches meeting. Crates at assigned tent locations will include: bibs & pins, course map with tent & warm-up assignments, and a garbage bag. If coaches have questions,

Coach Roth or Coach Smith will be available at the start/finish line or WH tent area.  
Take crate to the finish line filled with each runner's water bottle and post-race mask.

The meet entry fee is $70 for both genders and $35 for one gender.Please make sure that the school has either mailed a check or provides one at the check-in tent.

WARM UP (Girls:4:30 / Boys: 5:15)  Each team has been assigned a warm-up area near the team's tent location.    Runners need to plan to arrive at the starting line ten minutes prior to the race's commencement. ALL runners are expected to be masked at the starting line and to maintain at least three feet of distancing.Wilson Hall recommends wearing a disposable mask to the starting line, but runners can choose to hold their personal mask during the race.Wilson Hall will have a volunteer pick up disposable masks after the start to throw them away. 

Start - Each Team will have a 10-foot wide starting chute; runners will line 3 across with the next row of runners 3 feet back.Team chutes will be 6 feet apart. All runners will start at the same time.

Finish Line-Coaches or team volunteer should meet each runner at the finish, provide water and a mask. Please do not congregate around the finish line, please move your runners back to the team area as soon as practical.

Results & Awards-  Strictly Running is timing the meet, so results will be posted at scrunners.com and on the Strictly Running website as soon as they are available.  There will be no awards ceremony this year since safety is the top priority.  Wilson Hall will send medals to the school.