Interview: Keith Graham Heading To Puerto Rico

Keith Graham, a 2006 graduate of West Ashley HS, has been invited to attend the Caribbean Scholastic Invitational. Graham talks about the invitation prior to leaving for Puerto Rico.

scrunners: When you received word that you had been invited to the Caribbean Scholastic Invitational what did you think?
graham: I was very excited. I was at the all-state banquet and the coach told me they just got a call inviting me and needed permission from my parents. My mom was on a business trip and I couldn\'t get in touch with her. Finally, she called me and I told her to call my coach right away. I thought I was going to miss this chance when I couldn\'t get in touch with my mom.

scrunners: How long will you spend in Carolina, Puerto Rico?
graham: I will be there about three days

scrunners: Have you seen an itinerary on the trip?
graham: Only my travel itinerary. I am supposed to get the other part in the next couple of days.

scrunners: What else will do do while in Puerto Rico?
graham: I hope to sightsee a little and maybe spend some time on the beach. I don\'t think we will have a lot of free time.

scrunners: What events will you compete it?
graham: I have not been told yet if I will compete in both the long and triple jumps, or just one.

Note: Richard Luden is the head boys track and field coach at West Ashley HS.