Eye Opener meet Saturday

5k course mapLetter from meet management
We are expecting a large volume of vehicular traffic at the Roger Milliken Center for the Eye Opener Cross Country Meet.  For the safety and convenience of all participants, we ask that you follow the below instructions:


* Teams wishing to view the course on Friday afternoon before 6:30 must park on Frontage Road that parallels I-585.
* Runners are not allowed to run on the roads or parking lots of the Roger Milliken Center on Friday.  Please instruct runners to stay on the course, and not to stray near any buildings at the facility.


* All traffic must enter the Roger Milliken Center via Business I-85. The entrance to the Roger Milliken Center from S.C. Highway 9 (Boiling Springs Highway) will be closed to traffic.
* Please pay close attention to security personnel.  Cars and vans will be instructed to enter a separate gate than busses
* Option:  Vehicles may park on Frontage Road that parallels I-585.
8k course map

Allow sufficient time to park and walk to the start area.  Occupants on busses will have approximately a 500 meter walk to the start area.

It is imperative for all participants, coaches, and spectators to treat security personnel with respect.  It is also important to respect the beautiful grounds of the Roger Milliken Center.  Please ensure your “team area” is free of trash before your departure.

Please share this information with your runners and their parents.


Jack Todd

Director, Eye Opener cross country meet