​Omega Smalls chooses N.C. Central, striving to be the greatest

What made you decide to commit to North Carolina Central?
What mainly made me decide to commit to North Carolina Central was when I went on my official visit, I must admit it wasn't a better visit than when I went on my official visit to The Citadel but as far as me feeling comfortable and secure that they will not only make me into an even greater athlete but into a well-rounded young man they definitely won me over.

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What were your other top choices?
I had many other offers from smaller schools but the other top contender was The Citadel.

What do you hope to achieve in academics and athletics?
In academics, I just hope that I always remain focused and in athletics I hope to be U.S. no. 1. I don't work to be number two so I always strive to be the greatest!

What did you experience during each visit?
To be honest both of my visits we're really similar. The only difference was of course the military aspect of The Citadel and then the less uptight atmosphere that N.C. Central University had to offer. I felt more at home.

What does it mean to be ranked no. 1 in the high jump in the state?
To be ranked no. 1 in the state is great and I know many people hope to be where I am soon, so I am very humbled but never boastful. I am looking at the big picture I want to be the best in the nation.

What would you recommend to others when choosing a college?
What I would recommend to others when choosing a college is to be 100-percent sure this is where you want to go, It doesn't matter if the school is big or small. It shouldn't be about the glitz and the glam. It should matter who will first make you a better young man or woman and second who will make you a better athlete. You can be a big fish in a big sea and get treated like commoner or you can be a big fish in a little pond and get treated like a king.

What does it feel like to have the decision made?
It feels good to have a decision made, like a weight off your shoulders.

What do you hope to achieve the remaining of this season?
In the remaining season I hope to win a state championship and become a member of the "7-foot club."

Looking at your high school career, what will you remember the most?
Looking at my high school career I remember getting my first medal. It was the best feeling ever. Once you get your first medal . . . I don't know what it is but it just makes you hungry for more.

What individuals in your life were involved in helping you make the decision?
Definitely my older brothers. They would always push me to do my best in anything I do, and to never say I can't do something because I can. It's mind over matter.

How did you get involved in the sport and why?
I got involved in this sport simply from a suggestion from my brother. He was like "You should run track Omega!" and then I joined my school's team.

How have you seen it change?
I've seen the sport grow tremendously I haven't seen so much "#TrackNation" hashtags on social media in my life.

How do you feel you have grown in the sport?
I've grown so much to think when I was in 10th grade I was a 6'0" jumper to 6'9.75" last season. That's unheard of! It just shows if you want something as bad as you say you do nothing will stop you unless you let it.

What has been your motivation for this season?
My motivation for this season has been how I have been overlooked, under-recruited and under-estimated my whole track and field career. So I'm always running with a chip on my shoulder so to speak. I still have much more to prove.

Fun questions
Pre-race pump-up song: Jay-Z & Kanye West- "Who gon' stop me?"
Post-race meal: Chicken alfredo and broccoli
Go-to karaoke song: N/A
Favorite book: Ghost of War
Last movie you watched: Elf
If you could go on a run with any athlete, who would it be?: Erik Kynard, because he is a great athlete and my role model. I soon wish to be up there in conversation with him!