​KJ Givens: Realizing the importance of warming up

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Name: KJ Givens
Personal Best: 14.93 in the 110 hurdles, and 55.77 in the 400 hurdles
Academic interest: I want to major in education
Hobbies: I like to play basketball and listen to music
Interesting fact: I have perfect attendance for all 12 years of school

How did you get involved in the sport and why?
My daddy put me in it to stay in shape for football.

How have you seen it change?
It hasn't really changed much.

How do you feel you have grown in the sport?
Over the years I realized how important a warm up really is.

What has been you motivation for you this season?
I just didn't want to let my daddy, or coaches down.

How do you look at the rankings?
They really don't mean much to me, once I'm in the blocks it's just me and the hurdles.

What goes throughout your mind as the gun is getting ready to go?
When I'm in the blocks I clear my mind then think "I'm the best."

Do you have a prerace tradition?
I listen music to calm me down.

How would you rate your season so far?

Do you have any family in the sport?

What challenges have you experienced in the sport?
I've gotten hurt multiple times.

What do you hope to achieve in the sport or in life in the future?
I want to win state, receive a scholarship.

Do you have post season track plans?
I plan to run at the New Balance Nationals.

What is your favorite workout and why?
My favorite workout is running 150s because it's helps you with form running

What goals have you set for the rest of the season?
To win state.

Looking at the 2014 state meet, what do you remember and how did that prepare you for the 2015 state meet?
The 2014 state meet let me know that rest is very important, because the races seem like their back to back

If there was one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why?
Go to Dubai because it looks so peaceful.

Pre-race pump-up song: Trophies by the Migos
Post-race meal: True New York style pizza
Go to karaoke song: any song that makes me sounds good
Favorite book: Green eggs and ham
Last movie you watched: Focus
Favorite race or event to watch: The 4x1
If you could go on a run with any athlete who would it be: Kevin White, wide receiver from West Virginia, because we both know how it is to be unnoticed one day and work so hard that the next day everyone knows you.