Lower Richland announced as site for Coaches Classic

Lower Richland High School is the site of the 2008 Coaches Classic track and field meet, SCTCCCA president Daniel Brooks announced earlier today in an e-mail.

During the July 2007 summer coaches association meeting in Charleston Spring Valley coach John Jones proposed that the location of the Coaches Classic track and field meet be rotated. South Pointe coach Bob Jenkins seconded the motion, according to meeting minutes.

Spring Valley High School was the prior site host.

The proposal would involve the following:

1. The Coaches Classic Track and Field Meet will change sites each year on a rotating basis from the lower state, to the upper state, and then to the middle part of the state.
2. The meet must be hosted by a school that has a head track coach who is a member of the SCTCCCA.
3. The meet may be held at any appropriate facility with a minimum of an eight lane track.
4. To be considered to host the meet, a member coach must put in a proposal to the Association President by Jan. 1 of the year in which that school wishes to host.
5. Automatic timing must be used.
6. All concession revenue will be kept by the host school. Entry fees, t-shirt revenue and admission will go to the Association.

The 2008 SCTCCCA winter meeting is scheduled for Jan. 12 at 10 a.m. in Columbia at the South Carolina High School League office.

Podcast (below) | SCTCCCA president Daniel Brooks on site decision