Wando coach Davis talks about recent honor, program

Wando coach Bret Davis talks about receiving the USTFCCCA honor and the program. 

What does it mean to receive the honor?
It is a great privilege to be recognized by the USTFCCCA.  However, I only received this honor because the the runners that I coach work so hard and are so dedicated to the sport.  It also helps that I have a great support structure here at Wando from the administration, parents and our assistant coach, Coach Goodman.  I know that I would not receive any award if it weren't for all of them.

What do you see your team doing in the future?
We are very excited about our program for the next few years.  Our varsity group this year was mostly sophomores and we have a large group of kids working all the time to crack into that top seven.  

What to do hope runners and parents get out of the sport?
When I was younger my dad had always told me that with running you get out what you put in.  I think that is just a great life lesson in and of itself and it is something that I preach every season.  We don't just worry about race days we concern ourselves with all the other days of the week, because that is when you actually get better.  Then, hopefully the runners, and their parents, can see what they can achieve with some hard work and dedication without just resting on natural ability.