Why did Zeniyah Lawrence Choose Clemson?

Wando's Zeniyah Lawrence, the top returner in the 200 and long jump, talks about signing with Clemson and her time at Wando.

What made you decide to commit to
I chose Clemson, because this college has stood out to me for a while now, it's a very diverse school where I get to meet people from many backgrounds.

How did you make the final decision and who was involved?
When I made this decision it only involved Tyriq Ravenell (High School Coach) and my parents.  

What did you experience on each visit?
On each experience there was a lot to offer and also very hard for me to choose who was the best fit for me.

What were your top five choices?
ClemsonVirginia TechKentuckyLouisiana StateGeorgia

Who was involved in the process for you?
My parents and Coach Ravenell.

How did you get involved in the sport and why?
I got involved in track and field by the age of nine years old. I started off playing basketball then my elementary gym teacher realized how speedy I was and she signed me up for track and field.

What has been your biggest challenge?

What did you learn from the experience?
That you have to work for what you want in life.

How is training now for outdoor?
Training now outdoor is going very smooth, on the track and the weight room.

Any top events already preparing for the upcoming seasons?
100m, 200m, and also long jump.

Are you scheduled for any indoor meets?

How do you train for the variety of events? What do you feel is your strongest event, and why?
First I start with my diet which is my major conflict. Working hard on the track and weight room makes it all come together smoothly. My strongest event is the 100m dash, because I feel very powerful physical and mentally.

How do you look at your time at
My time at Wando has helped me grow as a student athlete and become the person I am today.

What will you miss the most?
The teachers and Coach Ravenall.

How do you rate this season?

How do you look at the history and being part of growing a big and known team at Wando?
I look at it as a blessing, because it is hard to be looked at as the best team in the state.

What athletic goals do you have for college?
I just want to come in and improve daily and of course beat my personal records.

What would you say is the biggest memory you have?
Most likely all of my state meets.

What do you hope to study and otherwise achieve in college?
I hope to study Biology.

How does it feel to have the decision made prior to the season?
The whole signing process was more hectic and stressful than I thought, I am happy I made this decision so I can now focus on my school work and also my last year of high school track and field.

How did the
Clemson coaches react when informed?
Coach Gibson and Coach Elliot both were excited when I told them the news and so am I.