Dolan Owens is Excited for Season After a Year Off

How is summer training?
Summer training is going well right now. I have had to ease back into running due to my past injuries so my mileage isn't too high but I will continue to buildup throughout August.

What are you excited about for your senior season?
I'm excited to finally be competing again after a whole year off. I'm also looking forward to capping off my senior year with state titles both individually and as a team.  

Do you have a specific motivation for your final high school cross country season?
My specific motivation for this season is to return to the running circuit stronger than ever; this will help prove myself as a national caliber cross country runner.

What do you hope to achieve this season?
As an individual I'm aiming to win state and qualify for Foot Locker Nationals. I also hope to be a part of a state championship team that leaves a legacy at James Island Charter High School.  

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