It Takes a Little Bit of Craziness to Get Started

Blue Ridge senior runner Barrett Broome talks about the Mike Foley Memorial Classic and the season ahead. 

How would you rate your finish at the Mike Foley Memorial Classic 5K? 
It was a pretty strong finish. 

What made you decide to run the memorial run? 
My teammates were doing it, and I thought it would be a good indicator for the beginning of my season.  Coach Foley helped establish a running program at BRHS and it was an opportunity to honor him.

Broome Ranked Fifth in Class AAAA Boys Returners

How did you get involved in the sport?
In seventh grade a teacher of mine named Will Snipes asked me to come out and just try it as I was involved with basketball and he convinced me it would be good conditioning for basketball and I ended up loving it.

How was summer training?
The most intense summer by far... compared to years past where I hardly put in any miles this summer was hard but I'm excited to see it pay off.

What was your average training week like this summer?
55 miles.

Did you encounter any challenges? Please explain.
No injuries or anything of that sort but there were times where it was hard managing getting my long runs in the morning going to training at TNT Sports and then going to work at Chick-Fil-A. 

What do you hope to achieve this season as an individual and the
Blue Ridge team?
As an individual I plan to have some good races but to really come out at state and as a team I'm looking forward to the state meet and placing top 3.

What do you see it will take to achieve these goals? 
It's really going to take just getting some of our younger guys to commit and focus for this season. 

What meets are you looking forward to? 
Lake Murray and the state meet.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?
I hope to continue into my track year and I'm really looking to push into some more competitive times as I'm feeling a lot stronger.

Do you have a specific motivation?
Really just to be the best that I know I can be.

What do you enjoy about cross country?
I enjoy being able to put in the long miles and hard workouts, but when it comes down to the race it's all heart.

What do you think it takes to be a cross country runner?
It takes a little bit of craziness to get started.

What kind of race strategy do you prefer? 
For races pace is important yeah but you've got to know where you are in the race so I always know who is around me.

Blue Ridge coach Zack Beach shares his view about Broome.

Barrett is a strong runner and worker, he came up to me smiling after the Mike Foley Classic after running a 16:57 and I told him after what he put into this summer this is only the beginning. I have been so impressed with his hard work and determination this summer. He was hitting 55-65 miles a week, and with each tempo, hill, and time trial he just kept getting stronger. He will be one of our top two runners on the team this year along with Austin Lane, so I am looking for them to make a big leap their senior year! Barrett is one of our most steadfast leaders this year in work ethic along with determination, and the younger generation of Blue Ridge runners look up to him and want to run like him. He is the kind of kid that you talk strategy with before a race then all of sudden he turns the switch on and his focus narrows on what he has to do for his team. He is a strong competitor and wants to beat everyone he is shoulder to shoulder with, and as a coach I cannot ask for much more from a student athlete. Speaking of student he is also number one in his senior class academically. I will greatly enjoy coaching him this year in cross and track, and will very much miss him next year. It is hard to sum up what Barrett means to this team in a few short words, but the Blue Ridge Cross Country family is so proud of him, and we cannot wait to see his hard work pay off this season!

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