A Mom's Perspective: What's in Your XC Bag?

By Angie Dentler

I have attended XC meets over a few decades as a runner, a coach, and mom. With three kids running cross country for two different teams every Saturday morning from mid-August to early November is spent at a cross country meet.  I have attended meets in 90 degree heat, in below freezing temps, in snow, in rain, in hail, extreme wind, and thunderstorms. The bag I pack for meets may seem excessive to some, but I think it is better to be prepared! 

My bag typically includes:

·      First Aid Kit (band-aids, Neosporin, tweezers, sting relief, alcohol wipes . . . )

·      Advil / Tylenol / Pepto / Benadryl

·      K-tape (you just never know)

·      Bio Freeze

·      Bug Spray (always a necessity in the south)

·      Eye drops (to get the gnats out)

·      Sunscreen (for parents and kids)

·      Extra running socks (you just never know)

·      Flip flops (most early morning meets your tennis shoes will get soaking wet from the dew in the grass and you will want to get them off before you go to lunch!)

·      Snacks (for the runners and for sibling spectators!)

·      Frog Towel or blanket (cool down on HOT days or  keep warm on Cold days)

·   Ponchos (it is very difficult to get to the one mile mark with an umbrella)

·      Kleenex (these do double duty when the porta-potty is out of TP)

·      Hand sanitizer

·      Chapstick

·      Safety pins (always need spare safety pins for race bibs!)

·      Cough drops

·      Water bottle

·      Sunglasses

·      Hat

·      Hair ties

·      Hair brush

·      Nail clippers

·      Gum

·      Phone and phone charger

·      Wallet (T-shirt and lunch money!) 

Greenville County has issued a new Clear Bag policy at all sporting events.  I am on the hunt for a clear bag big enough for all my stuff! 

What's in your bag?