SCTCCCA Preseason Rankings: Meet the No. 2 Teams

Name: Bret Davis
School: Wando 
Years coaching: 11 years (4 at Andrews and 7 at Wando)
Goals / expectations this year: Region Champions, Top 3 Finish at State
Up and coming runners on the team (only team ranked): Doug Carson, Daniel Munoz and Carson Archie should be our top 3 runners but they have a great returning supporting cast in Sam Boyles and Matthew Sawyer.
Top meets going to this year: Eye Opener, Coaches Classic and Wendy's
Team leaders: Hoot Gibson Dowd, Josh Munoz, Sam Boyles and Nick Fiorillo
Team vision: To make everyone a better runner and provide an opportunity to compete at the next level if they choose.  
Coach motto: There is no try.  You either do it or you don't.
Coach personal records: Do you mean as a runner back in the day or our record since we have been coaching?
School 5K xc record with year: Our school record can only occur on the State course so Patrick Spychalski earned that record last year at Sandhills with a 15:25.26.
Number of returners from 2017 season: 10
Number of new runners for 2018 season: 13
Season Expectations: To develop the youth we have in our program and to create a very competitive group that will be together for the next few seasons.