What Motivated Nic Danielski this Season?

Name: Nic Danielski
Hobbies: Playing guitar, violin, video games, sports
Academic interest: History
Personal bests: 16:21.85 5K at state this year
4:58 mile in track.

What does it mean to be named to the Shrine Bowl Run team and helping the hospital?
I feel honored to make the team and to represent my high school.

What did you hear about the Shrine Bowl Run before this year?
My teammate last year ran it and my coach talked about it and how fun it was and will be an experience of a lifetime.

What do you hope to experience during The Run?

A sense of pride in all of my accomplishments through my high school cross country career.

How are you preparing to run with a football?

I played football so I'm just going to tuck it under my arm and go.

How would you rate your senior season?

It was the most special out of all my years of high school.

What future goals do you have?

I want to go to college and become a history teacher and run for that college.

Have you made the decision to compete at the next level? Please explain.
Yes. I have been accepted to all the colleges I've applied to and talked to the coaches. I still have to visit a few universities and run with the team.

How did you get involved with the sport and when?

Over my freshman summer. A few of my baseball friends wanted to try. So I tried it with them. I was also
doing it to build-up my endurance for pitching. 

Do you have any relation or know someone that has attended the 
Shriners Hospital?

How have you seen the sport change in the state? Please explain.

I feel that it's gotten a lot more competitive but at the same time, I feel the sportsmanship has also increased.

What was your motivation for your final XC season?

I made it state the year before and me and one other girl runner made it from our school this year, so I did it for my teammates. I was also bullied a lot my freshmen and sophomore year so that definitely drove me too.

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why?

I would definitely like to somehow pay respect and visit the Civil War battlefield in Gettysburg.