Spenser Schwalm Hopes to Impact Younger Runners

Name: Spenser Schwalm
Hobbies: Calligraphy, hunting, rock climbing, and yoga
Academic interest: Physics
Personal bests: 16:20 5K

What does it mean to be named to the Shrine Bowl Run team and helping the hospital?
I am honored with the opportunity to be part of the Shrine Run Bowl team and am very happy to help promote the Shriners hospital and all the miracles they work.

What did you hear about the Shrine Bowl Run before this year?
I heard about it from all of the other seniors who have run the Shrine Bowl Run.  They shared how rewarding the run was and how impactful it was.

What do you hope to experience during The Run?
I hope to feel satisfied with the impact I make as well as have some fun.

How are you preparing to run with a football?
I have been training the last month with a football and I have decided to carry it in my left arm.

How would you rate your senior season?
8/10 stars

What future goals do you have?
To be commissioned an officer in the Air Force.

Have you made the decision to compete at the next level? Please explain.

How did you get involved with the sport and when?
I began running in seventh grade because I needed something to do after school, but I ended up really enjoying it.  I have run ever since and improved my time each season.

Do you have any relation or know someone that has attended the Shriners Hospital?

How have you seen the sport change in the state? Please explain.
I have seen the sport get much more competitive over the years.  Runners are constantly pushing it trying to edge out the runner ahead of them and it has let to many amazing performances.

What was your motivation for your final XC season?
To make a good example to all the younger runners at Riverside.

If there is one thing in the world you could do, what would it be and why?
I would like to become fluent in multiple languages and then spend several years traveling the world.