Hanna\'s Amanda Dortch Talks About First Year Of Running

Date of Birth: 11-28-90
Academic Interest: DRAMA,ART, AND ENGLISH
Brother/Sisters: ELLIS M. (17) , TWIN BROTHER JAMES C.
Event PR\'s: 3200-12:30:8, 1600-6:02, 800-2:47
scrunners: How long have you been running?
dortch: I have been running one year.

scrunners: When did you start to run for TL Hanna?
dortch: I started to run cross-country this past year (2003).

scrunners: What kind of goals have you set for this track season and the future?
dortch: I want to continue to improve and help the team where I can, along with trying to set new school records.

scrunners: What is your favorite track event? Why?
dortch: My favorite track event is the 3200 because I run well at this distance, but as I develop my speed I would like to compete in the 1600 and 4x800.

scrunners: Do you prefer to run cross-country or track?
dortch: I prefer cross-country because running in circles is boring.

scrunners: What do you remember the most from the 2003 cross-country season and how would you like to improve for the next cross-country season?
dortch: I remember competing in the state finals and helping the team improve their standing.

scrunners: What will you do to prepare for cross-country this summer?
dortch: I will run with my friends this summer and maybe run some 5k road races.

scrunners: Does or did anyone in your family compete in the sport of track and field or cross-country?
dortch: Yea, my father lettered in track at college.

scrunners: How do you balance academics and athletics?
dortch: I work very hard at the studies. Running comes much easier.

scrunners: What kind of race strategy works best for you, an all out race or a more tactical race?
dortch: Tactical works best for me. Coach Parker plans my race and I run his plan.

scrunners: Do you have a pre race tradition?
dortch: The girls distance runners always a say a pre-race prayer.

scrunners: What keeps you motivated to get out the door on a daily basis for school and running?
dortch: Other then my parents forcing me, I like school and running is easy and fun because of Coach Parker and all my friends on the team.

scrunners: What kind of cross-training do you undergo to help prevent injuries and work muscles in different ways than running?
dortch: I have school gym class. I go to dances and I do some swimming, but I mostly just run.

scrunners: Where you do train at Hanna?
dortch: I track on the track (at Hanna) or the road, which includes the cross-country course.

scrunners: With Ben Comen on your team, how was he helped the team maintain focus and do their best on a daily basis?
dortch: Ben does what we do. He has shown me the true meaning of sport. Cross-country is about you and the clock. He challenges us to do our best just like he is doing his (best).

scrunners: What kind of surface do you prefer to train on?
I prefer to train on grass. Cross-country is fun because you get to run in the woods.

scrunners: What do you look for in a coach and what do you expect a coach to look for in you?
dortch: I only know Coach Parker. I am not sure what he saw in me at sixth grade field day, but I\'m glad he did.

scrunners: If there is one thing you could do in the world what would it be?
dortch: I would like to run in the Olympics.