Kaniya Johnson's Journey to Indoor Nationals

How does your preparation change throughout the indoor season? 
It's my first indoor season so I've been experimenting on different sprint techniques. Unfortunately, at the USC Youth meet which was my first banked track, after the 60m prelim, I strained my hamstring trying to avoid running up the track. I was so upset as I received my first invite to the Mondo Meet set for two weeks. My coach prepared a good recovery plan and I PR'd that day.

State entries

What's your transition time and activities between indoor and outdoor?
I had to get enough mental rest to be able to train well through the End of the AAU/USATF season to get enough physical recovery to feel fresh when I resumed training. I spent a lot of free time reading,  I enjoy reading.

What goals do you have the rest of 
I already accomplished qualifying for NB championship and placed first in that qualifying meet. Actually, during my last meet, the USC Open, which I entered needing a New Balance qualifying time. I found out that I was looking at the wrong qualifying time and had qualified in my previous meet. But I ran against college athletes that day, it was exciting.

What about outdoor goals?
I look to win state and make it to New Balance Outdoor National and Jr. Olympics Nationals.

How do you look at rankings, with the top state
60m and 300m times?
SC Milesplit is as bad as Twitter. I spend a lot of time on it. I look at the U.S. rankings to see where my times are compared to everyone else then by state. It's exciting seeing my name.

New Balance Indoor Nationals, what is your focus and training plan as 
that nears?
Block starts, form and turnover. We've switched legs on blocks to take pressure off the leg that I hurt earlier so tweaking my start. I have a habit to come out of my form when I'm behind, my Coach say I start street racing.

What does it mean to have qualifying times?
It means all my hard work and dedication paid off.

What kind of challenges do you encounter as a sprinter?
I don't like losing. I'm learning that it's about progress and getting the PR. You can't win every race.

What do you think it takes to be a sprinter?
Mental focus, dedication, and be coachable.

What made you choose your events?
I'm still trying to find my events being I'm new to the sport. I did the 100, 200 during last outdoor season added the 400 during the Summer. I even ran the 800 in at meet and got a 2:23 with no endurance training. I probably shouldn't have done it because my times faded in the 100 and 200 and I didn't make JO Nationals.

What's your favorite? Please explain.
The 100m because it really gets my adrenaline pumping.

What part of each race is your strength part? 
The finish, I've had to come from behind a few times this season. 

How do you work on the other areas?
My coach record my meets and we work on what I need to improve on.

What made you get involved in the sport?
In seventh grade when I was beating most of the boys in school, they said I should run track.

What future long term goals do you have? Please explain.
Regarding track, go to the Olympics....I try to be the best at everything I do.

How do you handle challenges?
Mental focus and accept success and failure as part of life's journey.

What motivates you day in and day out?
The completion.  I want to be number 1.