An Update from MileSplit SC: Tell Us Your Stories

MileSplit SC is not going to stop telling the stories of cross country and track and field in South Carolina. Without a season, here are some ideas our editor has started to write down and will continue to work on.

But, to do this he needs your help. Email John at and please use a subject that starts with 2020 tf in order to keep emails organized. 

  1. Unsigned seniors - in progress. Read it here
  2. Send your workout videos. One is uploading from Greer's Coen Roberts soon.
  3. A reporter of ours is continuing to monitor the season suspension and other stories. 
  4. The stories behind the scenes and what's next: Timers, officials, the future, the financial impact, etc. Have an idea? Email John. See above. 
  5. Support the website. Take a look at previous coverage and share the website with friends and family. Over 19 years you can find a lot of historical data. Can anyone find our editor's high school profile? 
  6. Virtual competitions, rival stories - on the track rivals - looking into this. 
  7. What are coaches doing now? 
  8. What are alumni doing now - you can also send workout videos? 
  9. Have a guest column idea for consideration, training journal or letter to the editor to send? Email John. 
  10. How are parents keeping the athletes engaged and motivated? 
  11. The untold stories. I'm sure I'm missing something. 
  12. Interviews with athletes, coaches and parents via email and video interviews. 
  13. Season predictions. Where would the sport be right now without results? 
  14. Reminder: most of the updates take place on nights and weekends. Our editor has limited email access during the day. 
  15. Our editor and coverage team misses the sport as much as you do. Stay safe and see everyone soon. 
  16. Want to help us when the sports return with coverage - photo and video is the main area of need? Email John with examples and he will look at them as soon as possible.

Watch: The Frank siblings: Saturday workout