Building a 4x400m Team: Keenan's Charles Proctor

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Name: Charles Proctor
School: Keenan

Area of focus: Believe it or not our 4x400m doesn't always have the four best "open" 400m runners in the relay. Since the first leg runs in the lane the entire lap I put one of my top two strongest runners first. All races don't implement the three turn stagger so we typically put a decent sprinter on the second leg to get away from the traffic during that first exchange. The "chaser" of the group usually goes third. This athlete can hold his or her own if given a lead but can definitely get us back into the race if we've fallen behind during the first two legs. Our anchor isn't always the fastest but they are always one of the more confident runners out of the four. This is the athlete that believes head to head you can't beat them. We can move the legs around especially when you know the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing teams but this is typically how we would set up our 4x400m relays.

Years coaching: 12

Team 4x400m history: Boys Girls. State classification 2019 rankings