Breaking: Bob Jenkins Coaches Classic Moves to Hillcrest

Saturday's Bob Jenkins SCTCCCA has moved to Hillcrest in Simpsonville due to course conditions on the Newberry course after severe rain the area. The race times are adjusted to allow teams more travel time.

The new schedule is below. 

The association said in a statement, "They have received several inches of rain in the last 24 hours, and it has made the course and parking areas saturated enough that it would not be feasible to conduct the meet.We will still be running the Coaches Classic meet but we will be changing the location to Hillcrest High School, with the first race taking place at 10 a.m. We know this is further away than the lower state teams were planning to travel (50 miles to the north of Newberry). Any teams that do not show up to run at Hillcrest will have their entry fee rolled over to next year's Coaches Classic XC. Again, this is not an ideal situation, but we figured it is better than cancelling the meet all together.

A course preview on the Newberry course or meet will be announced in the future, according to the SCTCCCA. The Newberry course is site of the 2021 SCHSL qualifying meets. A course map is not available at this time for Hillcrest. scrunners is working to receive a map. 

Watch Fight Like Wyatt at Hillcrest races from earlier this season to see parts of the course

State qualifying information

New time schedule

10 a.m.: Varsity Girls International Division
10:30 a.m.: Varsity Boys International Division
10:55 a.m.: Hall of Fame Induction
11:10 a.m.: Varsity Boys Championship Division
11:40 a.m.: Varsity Girls Championship Division
12:10 p.m.: JV Boys 10-12 grade
12:40 p.m.: JV Girls (grades 7-12) 
1:10 p.m. JV Boys (grades 7-9 ONLY) Depending on the number of schools that do or do not drop out- the JV boys races MAY be combined and run at 12:10 p.m.

Watch Newberry College course video