Meet the 2021 Mike Moore Shrine Bowl Showcase Run Team

Saturday is the 2021 Mike Moore Shrine Bowl Showcase at Columbia International University. Take a look at the team relays below after the coaches received confirmations. George Carr (St. Joseph's) is the head coach and Leavell Wall (Seneca) the assistant coach. scrunners will be onsite with photo and video coverage. The relay has two teams and will start at 10 a.m. 

Team A   Team 1

Addison Meeker

Caitlin Gemmill

Carina Burdick

Emma Whitaker

Dakota Biggerstaff

Griffin Gillespie

Holden Tutich

Griffin McNeish

Madeline White

Jeb Stevens

Owen Harries

John Bolinger

Ronan O'Neill

Jovan Figueroa

Sam Shimanskiy

Judson Taylor

Solomon Canup

Nicolas Lozano

Thaddaeus Bertoni

Rebecca Nicholson

Trey Sullivan


Simon Draper

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