Kyle Kaufelds Aiming for 200', Top 10 in Javelin in 2022

Kyle Kaufelds talks with scrunners about his journey and track and field as a javelin thrower and goals. Kaufield is ranked second in the MileSplit SC database in the event.

How and when did you get involved in the sport? 
I have been involved in track and field since I was 11 years old. I grew up in an athletic family and track was my first sport I played. 

Do you play other sports? 
Yes I do! I play basketball, and run cross country.

Looking back to 2021 and having the top throw in the state, how do you look at that going into the 2022 season? 
It's a great accomplishment, but now it is now motivation to keep striving to do my best as a javelin thrower, and improve on what I have already accomplished.

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As javelin is new to South Carolina high school level of track and field, what would you like to see happen in the event?
First of all I'm very happy javelin had the amount of interest this past year, is very encouraging to me, and it shows that the event will grow. I would love to see rubber runways and just steel tip javelins in the future. 

What meets do you have planned for the season? 
I plan on attending several high school invitationals, such as the coaches classic. I plan on attending the big competitions as well at Nike Nationals, and Javfest. 

What's your training like and how will it change as the season is underway? 
I have a new mindset to throwing this year by first getting the fundamentals down with strength and mobility, and adding speed and power when I am comfortable thus forming a much bigger throw compared to my non consistent training routine last year. 

What goals do you have?
I plan on breaking the 200 foot mark and place in the top 10 throwers in the nation.

Do you have any specific motivation this season? 
Yes! God and family is always my motivation to succeed. 

Do you have any family members that competed in the sport? 
In track yes, but as a javelin thrower no.

How did you need to adapt to a season during COVID-19 last year? 
I tried to prioritize what competitions I went to, and to try to do my best because I knew I would not have as many opportunities as normal. 

What is a competition day like for you? 
For me competition day is exciting. I try to stay focused on what I need to do but not overthink, I make sure I ate well and that I am well stretched and comfortable. 

What goes through your mind during a competition?
I go into competition thinking, just do what you train to do just a bit faster and more patient.

What hobbies do you have outside of the sport? 
I love to hunt, fish, and work on trucks.

What's it like to be on your team? 
It is an honor to be on the team, and it's a great group of people that love track.

Do you have any leadership roles? 
Everyone had a leadership role no matter what, and that is to do your best so others see you and try to do the same. As a javelin thrower I do my best to assist any other thrower on the team that may need help to the best of my ability.