Guide to 2022 SCHSL Region Championships

See a list of region meets for SCHSL track and field season. Click each meet to view teams entered and virtual meets. 

Note: Results are being posted after each section of qualifier meets are completed. They will not be posted right after the meet. 

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4/28SCHSL 1A - Region 6Allendale, SC
4/30SCHSL 2A - Region 4Lancaster, SC
5/2SCHSL 1A - Region 3St. Matthews, SC
5/2SCHSL 2A - Region 7Andrews, SC
5/2SCHSL 3A - Region 8Summerville, SC
5/2 - 5/3SCHSL 4A - Region 1Walhalla, SC
5/3SCHSL 1A - Region 1Simpsonville, SC
5/3SCHSL 1A - Region 4Carvers Bay, SC
5/3 - 5/4SCHSL 2A - Region 2Landrum, SC
5/3SCHSL 3A - Region 2Williamston, SC
5/3 - 5/4SCHSL 3A - Region 2Williamston, SC
5/3SCHSL 3A - Region 5Gilbert, SC
5/3SCHSL 4A - Region 3York, SC
5/3SCHSL 4A - Region 6Florence, SC
5/4SCHSL 1A - Region 5Lamar, SC
5/4SCHSL 1A - Region 7Seabrook, SC
5/4 - 5/5SCHSL 2A - Region 1Liberty, SC
5/4SCHSL 2A - Region 3Batesburg-Leesville, SC
5/4SCHSL 2A - Region 5Pelion, SC
5/4SCHSL 2A - Region 6Dorchester, SC
5/4 - 5/5SCHSL 3A - Region 1Pendleton, SC
5/4 - 5/5SCHSL 3A - Region 3Spartanburg, SC
5/4SCHSL 3A - Region 4Keenan, SC
5/4SCHSL 3A - Region 6Camden, SC
5/4SCHSL 3A - Region 7Georgetown, SC
5/4SCHSL 4A - Region 4Blythewood, SC
5/4SCHSL 4A - Region 5Aiken, SC
5/4SCHSL 4A - Region 7Beaufort, SC
5/4 - 5/5SCHSL 5A - Region 1Anderson, SC
5/4SCHSL 5A - Region 4Columbia, SC
5/4 - 5/5SCHSL 5A - Region 7Summerville, SC
5/4SCHSL 5A - Region 8Charleston, SC
5/5SCHSL 1A - Region 2Hopkins, SC
5/5SCHSL 5A - Region 2Duncan, SC
5/5SCHSL 5A - Region 3Boiling Springs, SC
5/5SCHSL 5A - Region 6Myrtle Beach, SC
5/6SCHSL 5A - Region 5Lexington, SC
5/7SCHSL 4A - Region 2Taylors, SC
5/13SCHSL 2A - Upper StateLiberty, SC
5/14SCHSL 1A - Lower StateSeabrook, SC
5/14SCHSL 1A - Upper-StateHopkins, SC
5/14SCHSL 2A - Lower StateDorchester, SC
5/14SCHSL 3A - Lower StateCamden, SC
5/14SCHSL 3A - Upper StateSeneca, SC
5/14SCHSL 4A - Lower StateFlorence, SC
5/14SCHSL 4A - Upper StateTaylors, SC
5/14SCHSL 5A - Lower StateMt. Pleasant, SC
5/14SCHSL 5A - Upper StateDuncan, SC