Interview: Defending Class AA 100 state champion Devante Smith

Full name - Devante Smith
Date of birth - May 30, 1992
Hobbies - running, firefighting, hunting, fishing
Event PRs - 100 - 10.59 and 200 - 20.9 (all hand-timed)

scrunners: How did you become involved in your sport?
smith: I became involved in track by hanging out with my friends at school that were on the team.

scrunners: When did you become involved in the sport?
smith: I started in 10th grade.

scrunners: What obstacles have you faced?
smith: Working to improve my speed and get better in order to win the state championship.

scrunners: What have been the high points of your career?
smith: Winning the 2009 Class AA State 100-meter dash championship and continuing to get faster and faster.

scrunners: How did you get involved with track and field, specifically?
smith: My friends pushed me to join the team in the 10th grade since they were already on the team. I wanted to run to see how fast I was.
compared to them.

scrunners: When did you start to compete?
smith: My first competition was in the 10th grade at a meet held at Battery Creek High School.

scrunners: What was your first competition like?
smith: It was pretty tough against some really fast guys.

scrunners: Do you have parents, siblings or other relatives/friends that are involved in sports?
smith: My little sister plays soccer in the town league.

scrunners: How have these people affected your career?
smith: My little sister looks up to me and she sees me running so I want to make sure she has someone good to look up to.

scrunners:  Is there someone other than a family member or friend who has inspired you?
smith: I really admire Usain Bolt, Tyson Gay from the USA and Asafa Powell. I watch them and I know I am getting faster and strong and I really want to be like them one day.

scrunners: What goals do you have as an individual for this season?
smith: I want to win the gold medal at state again this year. and I hope to compete in the junior olympics.

scrunners: What goals does your team have this season?
smith: Continue to get better, win the region title for the second year in a row and try to win a state championship.

scrunners: What long-term goals you have for your running career?
smith: One day I hope to be able to run in the Olympics, but I am hoping to be able to run college track.

scrunners: How is training?
smith: It is going well. I run every day and I lift weights as well.

scrunners: What have you done recently for training?
smith: I have been working a lot with my 4x100 team, teaching them all I know about exchanging and being a better team.

scrunners: Did you go to a camp prior to the season? Explain.
smith: I did not go to a camp.

scrunners: How has this training equipped you to reach your goals and help your team reach its goals?
smith: I look at it as it is saying that hard work pays off.

scrunners: What is your favorite event to compete in?
smith: My favorite event is the 100 and 200 meter sprints. They are both my favorites, but I favor the 100 more.

scrunners: What pre-race/event traditions you have?
smith: I clear my mind and look straight down the track, then I close my eyes and focus before taking to the track.

scrunners: What are your favorite subjects in school?
smith: My favorite subject is science.

scrunners: How do you balance school and athletics?
smith: I work hard in school and then go work hard at track practice.

scrunners: What keeps you motivated to do your best in class and on the course/track?
smith: Talking to people that have already met their goals and standards that I am trying to meet.

scrunners: Have you considered competing in college?
smith: Yes, I want to compete in college.

scrunners: What are your goals for your post-high school career?
smith: My goals include running in college and being successful at it.