New policy: Results only posted if in proper format

Results for the 2011 outdoor season and the future will only be posted if in the proper format of html that is exported from hytek or the free program racetab, that was developed by for the purpose of including more results on the Internet for readers.

In the past, results have been incomplete in the form of only either first or last names, first initials and in all formats from spreadsheets to word documents - not counting all competitors.

Those types of results will not appear on athlete profile pages and in the rankings.

"I encourage readers to pass this information on to your school, and coaches please explain this policy to your athletes, fans and parents," said Managing Editor John Olson. "Every time I receive results in the wrong format or incomplete I receive an average of five e-mails about this issue why results are not in the rankings or athlete profile pages. Responding to these e-mails takes away from time I can work covering the sport that I have been involved with for over 15 years.

"This is a step forward that the state needs to make and with the technology available to do this, I encourage you to take this in consideration as the outdoor season starts in March."

More information about racetab can be found at this link.

Editor's note: Results received in the proper, complete format will be posted within 24-hours of receiving and most of the time sooner. If results are sent in the wrong format a note will be sent to the meet director or person sending results to Posting results on athlete profile pages and rankings is done as soon as time permits based on amount of results received on a daily basis and other website tasks.

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