Interview with Mauldin High Graduate Casey Phillips How many years have you been running?
Phillips: Four years. Did you participate in other sports before running?
Phillips: Yes. Swimming, basketball, softball, and ballet. What made you start running?
Phillips: The spring semester of my freshman year in high school when one of my friends convinced me to begin running track with her...and I saw no reason not to start!!!!! When was your first competitive running event?
Phillips: I never competed in any road races before my first track season. My first competive running event would have to be the JV Greenville County Championships where I competed in the 800m and my first mile (1600 meters). Does anyone else in your family run?
Phillips: My Dad's parents do and my older sister ran track when she was in high school. Who is your favorite athlete?
Phillips: Prefontaine. What is your favorite workout?
Phillips: Tempo Runs and Long Distance Runs. Did you have any rivals in high school?
Phillips: Angelina Blackmon (11th grade, Northwestern). What events will you run this track season?
Phillips: I'm not quite sure yet. I think the 1500m, the 3K, and maybe the 5K or 10K. How many races did you run this cross-country season?
Phillips: I ran 7 races. What are your collegiate xc pr's?
Phillips: 4K - 14:15, 5K - 19:34, and 6K - 23:45. How is high school training different than college training?
Phillips: It's different because of weight training. What kind of training do you do over the summer?
Phillips: Mostly Mileage. I also do a couple of speed workouts and weights. What is your most memorable event from high school?
Phillips: Winning the AAAA 1 mile (1600 m) my senior year, and breaking my high school's (Mauldin) record. What are you studying at Clemson?
Phillips: My Major is in Business with a focus on Marketing. What would like to tell South Carolina runners when looking for a college?
Phillips: Go where YOU want to go, not where anyone else wants you to go. How do you think South Carolina running can be improved?
Phillips: We need a couple more runners similar to Kate Niehaus to make nationals in order to get more good publicity for South Carolina running.

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